#SoCS ~ 5/15/21

Woo hoo! Happy Saturday folks!! I hope all is well in your neck of the woods. The lovely Linda G Hill prompts us with growth. If you’d like to join in, here are the rules and ping back.

After a brief hiatus in 2020, not due to COVID but due to needing to replenish the soil, our garden is back. The phenomenal growth from taking a year off is noticeable. We even got cucumbers 🥒 again. The last time we had good cukes was 2018. The plant doing the best this year is the zucchini. Take a look at the gallery.

And what do you do when you’ve got too much zucchini? You make chocolate zucchini bread then shred enough extra to freeze and have handy for soups or more baked goods. Yum yum.

As always more to come.

#SoCS ~ 5/8/21

Howdy y’all. Time once again for #SoCS. Our host with the most, the one and only Linda G Hill gives us the following prompt:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “to your left.” When you sit down to write your post, look to your left. What is the thing closest to you? Write about the memories that thing induces. Enjoy!

Hmm, not a word, nor a plane, but Superman! Or at least his writing assignment. Should you choose to accept this mission, proceed expeditiously … whatever the heck that’s means. If you’d like to play along, HERE are the rules and ping back.

To the left to the left …

Songwriters: Amund Bjorklund / Mikkel Eriksen / Tor Hermansen / Beyonce Knowles / Espen Lind / Shaffer Smith

Well, that’s odd. Beyonce’s is not to my left. Hehe. However her song popped right into by brain when I read “look to your left”. This is stream after all and the mind wanders like the mind wanders. Like the heart wants what the heart wants.

On the desk to my left (which is where I write #SoCS despite the options of iPhone and iPad), I have a shelf with a small collection of personal stuff. So yea, I’m going to write about multiple things. Rule breaker! For a day.

There’s a shell casing from daddy’s burial, the 21 gun salute. The casing was Pony’s but he was young and dare I say careless. He gave it to me for safe keeping. I also have a pair of daddy’s cufflinks and a mini USS Copahee figurine. That was his ship where he was head cook while he served in the Navy. The last of my homage to papa is his Texas shaped named tag which we wore while serving in many volunteer activities.

The shelf also contains a mini horse statue from my friend Jane and a mini elephant statue that hails all the way from Pune India. I can’t remember which co-worker brought that back to our team but we each got one. It’s terrible getting old and forgetful. I should remember who gave that to me. I think I wrote before where I tossed my name in the hat to go to India but wasn’t picked. They had more who wanted to go than slots available.

All things considered, that’s a good thing since they would have had to sedate me to get me on the plane. Business class or not. Safer than a car or not. 17 hours is too damn long to be in the air. And I’m a nervous flyer anyway.

Speaking of air travel cuz we were … or are now, I will never fly again. How do I know this? Well, despite wanting to go somewhere … anywhere but here, there is enough in my own backyard that I still haven’t seen. And I don’t have to stay in Texas. I can drive to states close by too. Which is why I have decided that is how I will see the country once I retire. Look at me planning for a future like nothing is going to happen.

I got only partial results yesterday. I’ll find out about the two biopsies on Monday or Tuesday. It’s nothing until it’s something. Say it with me!

Alrighty, the water is slowing down. Just a trickle. So lemme let ya go.

As always, more to come.

#SoCS ~ 5/1/21

And away we go …

Linda writes and I (Polly Wanna Cracker) repeat Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “may.” Use it any way you’d like. Have fun! To join in the fun and games, HERE are the rules and ping back.

I may have become a bit rigid in my way of attacking this weekly prompt. For the last few weeks, I have used the same opening. So much for stream of consciousness. But I liked Polly Wanna Cracker, I really really liked it.

Alrighty, let’s commence shall we? MAY. Hmmm. Think, think, and think …

Sr. Angelee. When I as Co-Commissioner of Religious Affairs my 8th grade year asked Sr. Angelee “can I please have the keys to open the church?” She replied “I’m not sure if you can but I’m sure that you MAY … Ask again”

I looked at her like huh? Then the light bulb went off. Spoken in true grammar police fashion. “Sr. Angelee, may I please have the keys to open up the church?” And she reached beneath her habit and pulled out the biggest key ring I had ever seen. One that contained keys for all 16 classrooms, all the offices, the gym, the library, the cafeteria, and finally the church doors (which all used the same master key). She gave me that key plus a smaller key to get into the room behind the sanctuary.

Every Friday we went to Mass and every Friday of my 8th grade year, I went in early to “set up”. Turn the lights on, turn the juice on and/or otherwise plug in the microphones at each lectern. There was a list of things to do to prepare and I did ’em all.

Let’s say that I may or may not have enjoyed the tasks. So much so that I would ask my dad to get me to school earlier than usual on Fridays so I could complete everything on my own. Without any help from anyone. I’m still that way a lil bit. I may or may not have my own way of doing things a certain way. I like order.

Maybe I should chill out. Dial things back. Be less controlling. On this first day of May, maybe I should turn over a new leaf. Forget new years resolutions. Let’s change things up mid-year. May 2021 is as good a time as any.

And with that, my stream may have run its’ course. I’m off to do a bunch of nothing. Trying not to think about what’s wrong with me. It’s nothing until it’s something!!

As always, more to come.

#SoCS ~ 4/24/21

And away we go …

Linda writes and I (Polly Wanna Cracker) repeat Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “oop.” Find a word with the “oop” sound in it and use it in your post. Enjoy! To play along, here are the rules and ping back.

Alley Oop opp oop oop oop

Alley Oop opp oop oop oop

Something is percolating in ye ole noggin

Alley Oop opp oop oop oop

Or not. I have this lingering thought … Alley Oop opp oop oop oop. My heart’s on fire for Elvira. LOL

Alley Oop is a cartoon from the olden days. Still in production but we no longer get a Sunday paper so where might one find this Alley Oop you speak of Jilly Dub? In the funny papers you say! Of course! But where are the funny papers kept these days?

Trippy man, just trippy. And on that note, my stream has strummed. See ya next time.

As always, more to come.

#SoCS ~ 4/17/21

And away we go …

Linda writes and I (Polly Wanna Cracker) repeat Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “mash.” Use it any way you’d like. Have fun! To join in, here are the rules and ping back.

They did the mash

They did the monster mash

The monster mash

It was a graveyard smash

What the what are you going on about? Sounds like a nervous tic. But no, it is music sweet music, there is music everywhere. Singing swaying records playing and dancing in the street!!

Wonder how much of those lyrics you got right and what you misremembered. And what’s the word for that again? Mondegreen!

Yep you remember useless trivia but when the time comes to do something, if you dont act right away you forget. Almost immediately. Doh!

I love mashed potatoes. Yummy for breakfast. Since I have yet to eat breakfast, I’m hangry. Not snickers hangry. More hung-silly. Look at me … MSU.

Well you can turn leftover mashed potatoes into potato pancakes. That is breakfastsy. And don’t get me started on mashed cauliflower as a substitute for mashed papas. More yum! Papas con huevos on maize for breakfast. Just what the doctor ordered! Oh and I LOVE cauliflower but something about the texture when it is mashed up is off putting to me. Olive oil, seasoning, and baked. That’s how to prepare cauliflower.

So much for the lyrical route. I’ve hopped over to the culinary destination considering where this prompt word has lead me. We watch a boatload of cooking shows on TV. Right now TOC = Guy’s Tournament of Champions is our favorite. We’re Team Darnell!! SuperChef! For the win!!! We hope.

And with that the she that is me aka Jilly is outta steam from this starchy stream. You gotta boil em before ya can mash em. Better get going before I get started again.

Until next time, au revoir or bon appétit.

As always, more to come.

#SoCS ~ 4/10/21

And away we go …

Linda writes and I (Polly Wanna Cracker) repeat Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “difference.” Whatever the word “difference” conjures first in your mind, write about it. Enjoy!“. To join in and see what a difference you can make, here are the rules and ping back.

If you’ve noticed for about three weeks in a row, I have standardized my opening. Standardizing things makes a difference doncha know ;). Or does it? Are we all just wasting time trying to make sense and order out of chaos? Why bother to try to make a difference? Nothing is going to change anyway.

But wait! Everything changes. The only thing constant is change. Change happens for a reason.

For we never know what someone may be going through.

My dear friend Mapu checked in to see if I had heard. Terrible news for any parent. The loss of a child. A son who shared his father’s birthday which they both celebrated on St. Patrick’s day of 2021. Three short weeks ago. Hugs and tears. Wordless moments. Makes me pause and realize that now is the time to make a difference.

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline provides 24/7, free and confidential support via phone or chat for people in distress, resources for you or your loved ones, and best practices for professionals. Includes information on finding your local crisis center.
Phone: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)
Website: http://suicidepreventionlifeline.org


Embodying the ethos that everyone that takes action to prevent suicide, #BeThe1To details the five evidence-based steps that any individual can take to help someone that is in suicidal crisis, as well as stories of recovery.
Website: http://bethe1to.com

#SoCS ~ 4/3/21

And away we go …

Linda writes and I (Polly Wanna Cracker) repeat “Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “start with who/whom” Begin your post with either “who” or “whom” and go from there. Have fun!” If you would like to join in, HERE are the rule and ping back.

Who! Who! Or do I mean Hoo Hoo? Or really Hoot Hoot? Because seeing “who” made me think of owls. Why? No idea.

Du-doo doot doot du-doot du-doo what does the fox say? Ha! That’s ringing dinging ding-a-linging. That song flashed in the pan but Dancing With the Stars aka DWTS did a trippy routine using that song as musical accompaniment. The video follows:

What did you think? Seriously WHO thinks up this stuff? I’m telling ya. Crazy as it sounds, I’m smiling. Now I wanna get up and dance.

Happy Saturday folks. Until next week. Ta-Ta.

As always more to come.

#SoCS ~ 3/27/21

And away we go …

Time for #SoCS. Linda writes and I (Polly Wanna Cracker) repeat “Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “run.” Use it as a noun, a verb, use it any way you’d like. Enjoy!” Oh! the possibilities.

Run. Think, think and think

“Chicken Run” the movie that my kids loved. Me not so much as it is reminiscent of Claymation. I liked Gumby and Pokey but otherwise meh.

Home run as in baseball, the great American pastime. Spring is in the air again. Wonder if the teams are back in training. Not really. I do not wonder that. At all. Nor do I care. lol. Blasphemy. I like baseball. I played softball. Pony played CYO a few years … until 4th grade when he decided naw that isn’t FUN anymore.

Somehow I segued into a post about baseball. How boring! lol. Ugh, Re-directing.

Have you every noticed what a funny word run is …

I had to double check my spelling of this three letter word.

Moving on …

Back in the day I ran track. Our coach at a very small school told all of us on volleyball that we had to run track too to keep our spots. She coached both sports and was forever having trouble getting enough to make a team for track, Well duh! Who wants to run for fun? I do!!! Said no one ever. Except the run loving folks who do weird things like run marathons.

I was never very fast but I ran the first leg of the relay some times because that way my teammates could catch us up. Good times. I enjoyed practice where we’d run through the hills of Trinity campus. Our coach would drop us off, drive to the other side and wait for us to get to her. My friend M and I were always the last ones to make it back to the van. Huffing and a puffing.

Speaking of marathons, because we were for a hot second. My grade school chum F started running later in life. Today in his 50s, he runs some crazy Snowdrop something or other which is a 55 hour race. Yep! Your eyes did not deceive you because you read that right. Snowdrop is a 55 HOUR race and relay. They’ve gone virtual due to the Rona. How cool is that? Very! That’s how cool!!

Boy howdy, I am tired. All streamed out. And that’s all she wrote.

If you too would like to join in the fun run and frolic, here are the rules and ping back.

As always, more to come.

#SoCS ~ 3/20/21

We’re back. Time once again for #SoCS where the lovely Linda writes and I re-write “Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “starts with cal.” Use a word starting with the letters “cal” as your prompt word. Have fun!” If you’d like to play along, follow this LINK to the rules and ping back.

Hmm “cal” Well I’ll be darned if the first thing that popped into my brain was Cal the clockwork horse from “the Delta Pearl” series written by the lovely Teagan. She writes some mighty fine steampunk adventures.

Okay, let’s see what else starts with “cal”. How about calibration? I calibrate five days a week. Yeppers. A standing Internal Calibration Meeting is held at work. To make sure we are consistent and on the same page. But I am not at work dagnabbit. So let’s move along shall we? we shall!!

Calcium also starts with “cal”. I have been advised by my doctor to take calcium along with my vitamin D since I have the dreaded osteoporosis. How boring!

Calories, glorious calories. That’s another “cal” word. I just saw a meme with two open for business windows. The sign over one window said “pill/injection/surgery/quick fix”. The sign over the second window said “life style change”. And of course the quick fix window had a queue of people around the block while the life style change was empty.

I waited over a year to write about this and was never going to but since stream has me hopping all over the place, I’ll make a small mention. Then I will not mention again because a fixation on weight is harmful. Calories was the catalyst for change.

Thanks to the pandemic we eat at home mostly. Prior to the pandemic we ate out way more often. Let’s face it, we were fast food junkies. That simple lifestyle change of more home cooked meals has resulted in some health benefits. Like dropping a significant amount of weight for three of our foursome. We’re eating less calories thanks to portion control. We’re using more fresh ingredients and less processed food. Not that we don’t indulge. Because we do. Turns out balance is the key. “Moderation in everything including moderation”.

And that’s all she wrote. Until next time. Hope you have a fantastic Saturday!!

#SoCS ~ 3/13/21

Linda prompts us with “Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “day/week/month/year.” Use one, use them all, use them any way you’d like. Enjoy!” She also makes a suggestion to “Basically, talk about your last year is what I’m saying …” Well some things are best left unsaid. Though baring my soul would be mighty therapeutic. Hmm. Decisions, Decisions!!

I have sort of done that already with my whiny needy posts throughout 2020. March 6, 2021 was the one year anniversary of the day our life changed forever courtesy of the Rona. Boy howdy do I remember those early days of fear and psychological warfare. Not knowing much about the dreaded virus caused quite the spin. Wear a mask, don’t wear a mask, wear a mask again. Sheltering in place, stays orders, each state left to its own devices. People dying prematurely in a most painful perverse way. The overrun hospital system. Flattening the curve. Isolation, job loss, dream loss, end of life as we knew it. Then vaccines offer hope but not a complete cure all. I have come to the conclusion that this whatever this is will never be over. No back to normal. But letting ya in on secret … normal is overrated anyway.

And throughout it all my family was spared. Not sure why. No rhyme or reason. Just Because. And that’s the tattoo I want to get to commemorate our experience in 2020 “Just Because”.

As always, more to come.