Thursday Thoughts ~ 2/24/22

My thoughts are all jumbled, not sure if I can be coherent.

Alrighty people in the back row. Enough! 😉 I can virtually “hear” you laughing.

I’m always hard to follow, speaking with innuendo, and otherwise complicating even the simplest of things. Analysis paralysis is my middle name. Or overthinker. I’m a broken ticker overseer (BTO) for short. Great band!! That last part is an inside joke and actually pretty funny.

I’m going introvert today but I’ll be back later with more of the zany. If I can muster any levity in a world that’s gone crazy. Putin man just what have you done …

As always, more to come.

Thursday Thoughts ~ 2/17/22

Well it’s a go for 3/2/22. I will give the mission moment at our town hall. I’m super excited to say the least. I miss presenting. I forgot how much until this opportunity came along. There will be prep with the comms people and all that jazz. Pinch me I must be dreaming.

A dear friend and coworker said most people would say “hell no”. Not many see speaking in public as an opportunity. I’m not sure I see this as an opportunity either. The thought of this even makes me a little sick. I like riding the rollercoaster of life (said the Grandma from Parenthood). I’m also not expecting to gain anything. I just like to talk. I’m a storyteller. That’s what’s in it for me.

Happy Thursday folks!! Otherwise known around these parts as Friday-eve. Toodles for now.

As always, more to come.

Thursday Thoughts ~ 2/10/22

My thoughts were burning until about 8:30 this morning thanks to Secure Hub. #ifyounowyouknow!! Those work apps suck a$$. But and it’s a BIG butt. I’m back in bidness (misspelled on purpose, say it like ya mean it) bidness!!!!!

Ok, enough shenanigans. My BP can’t take it. Speaking of, my charting is going famously. I’m learning about my body and how I can semi control things. I had an almost normal reading yesterday morning. I’ll keep on trucking and tracking.

I was nominated to speak at our town hall in March. The theme is longevity and I’ve got 38 years on the books. I’m 150ish out of 37k but in my direct area, I’m top 5. Not the top mind you but I think those folks said pass. Me, queen comma drama, is all GIVE ME THE STAGE so I CAN TAKE A BOW!!! lol. I am not! But I am excited!!!! This is not a done deal yet. But I’m a still a #100th-year-storyteller all the same.

Happy Thursday folks. Hoping your day is fantastic. I’ll leave you with this song as I needed muy patience this am. I’m not sharing because I like Axel the @%!^&^. He’s a derogatory dude but I’m trying to separate the art from the person. Can it be done? We shall see.

As always, more to come.

Thursday Thoughts ~ 2/3/22

Okay. Let’s get going. Hmmm 🤔 Think 💭 think 💭 and 💭 think. I’m all thought out. Or scattered. Yep scattered is a better description.c

I can’t keep a thought in my head. Too much to do and so little time to do it. Plus I’m trying not to stress. The freaking weather is stressing me out though. Snowmageddon of 2/15/21 is triggering me. Will it happen again?

Heaven help us if it does though we’re more prepared. Warming centers are setting up all around the city. Getting people there is the challenge but I’m glad to see it just the same. Maybe 🤔 there’s a plan for that too.

Okay. Guess I better get going. Lemme let ya go.

As always more to come.

Thursday Thoughts ~ 1/27/22

I’ll try to be brief but no telling once I get going I might continue for days …

I decided to wear a dress today with long sleeves since it’s cold and tights because bare legs in this weather when we keep our thermostat at 65 is muy frio. I’m also wearing fuzzy socks. I have my Easterseals blanket/throw across my lap. I’m ready for battle. Charge!!!!! Haha!

Despite the debacle that was yesterday (MoMo officially withdrew from the assisted living space that could help her) and our employee meeting which went south with over 3K people in one forum grousing as we watched in various states of confusion. All I know is I’m not complaining. #blessedbeyondmeasure.

People need to shut their pie holes and leave politics out of our 2021 year end update. The mask mandate was struck down and some unvaccinated people expected immediate changes. Well guess what? A private company can make a mandate of its’ own. Hoping the voice of reason prevails and the policy remains ‘as is’ or even strengthens. And if you don’t like any of this, don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya. Buh bye!

Now to bring this back the goodness. Every morning for about two, maybe three weeks, I’m eating oatmeal for breakfast. I did this when I went into the office but at home I quit because princess doesn’t like the taste of microwave oatmeal and cooking oatmeal on the stove top is a pain in the ass.

I discovered my tea kettle is just the ticket. I heat my cup of water until it sings. I pour over my quick oats and blueberries, then gently stir. And wah-la! After about two minutes, tastes exactly like the cooked stuff that takes too long to make. My guess is the tea kettle water is beyond boiling (if there is such a thing). It’s why I don’t let the water go until it sings when making a cuppa (which I also do, today was lemon ginger). Otherwise I’d scald my mouth.

What’s the goodness you ask? Well have you ever been warmly dressed and ready for battle, with a cuppa hot lemon ginger tea, eating some delicious oatmeal with blueberries that are also warm and sort of pop when you bite them spreading the sweet juice around your tastebuds? If that’s not goodness, I don’t know what is.

Happy Thursday folks. Control what you can … yourself … and say ‘eff’ it to the remainder. Today is a great day because of Wordle and because I choose it.

As always, more to come.

Thursday Thoughts ~ 1/20/22

No thoughts today … I can only think one day a week and I gave a midweek update yesterday. LOL

Just kidding, my thoughts are 24/7 (even in dreams as I’m sleeping). They are off the charts, flying around in my brain. Too much!! I can’t even attempt to gather them together into some semblance of a coherent post.

ta-ta for now

As always, more to come.

Thursday Thoughts ~ 1/13/21

As I closed my day out yesterday, I was happy. Satisfied. Giddy almost. Nothing all that special happened and I cannot account for my feelings. Maybe I was covering but I do not think so. We all have our coping mechanism and mine is pretend joy. But not yesterday … at least I hope not.

I added this video to our group chat right before I logged out. I asked does anyone else think they’re a professional dancer and get up outta their chair when this commercial comes on? You see, I do … for a while now … every single time I see it. Recently Lulu got up and did a little move with me herself. Fun times I tell ya what.

I’ve got lots more where that came from but we’re burning daylight as the not so nice John Wayne once said in The Cowboys. Gotta get to work … cattle must be driven. Wishing you the best rest of your day.

As always, more to come.

Thursday Thoughts ~ 1/6/22

A couple of things percolating in ye ole noggin. Only because I’m still in pain and we’re living the end of days. I’m reminded of a chapter from the Stand where someone on team Stu Redman … maybe Stu himself attempts an appendectomy despite not having the skills to do so knowing it was the only thing that could possibly save a life. They had found a medical text book and tried to learn as they went. Of course the guy still died. Life is imitating art. No telling how many people we’ll lose due to treatable illnesses because Covid has overrun the hospitals. Levels severe in SAT with no end in sight. I get that I’m being dramatic but dammit I hurt.

The other bee in my bonnet is people who knowingly spread the vid. B’s extended family members had a Christmas Eve gathering where everyone got sick. All but one who might have some sort of miracle immunity. Today it was shared that so-n-so and her niece were already feeling sick and went anyway. Didn’t disclose to allow folks to make an informed decision. They were the source. Talk about being pissed. Three of the attendees who had planned to skip were talked into going! Told it was ok. And it may have been if the sickies had stayed away instead.

Still I’m convinced not if but when. I hope I don’t keel over waiting until it’s safe to go in. Maybe by my February/ March follow up things will be better. One can hope.

As always more to come.

Thursday Thoughts ~ 12/30/21

As this year winds down, I’m not sure what to do with myself. I worked a few days over the holidays since for the first time ever our entire family is gainfully employed. Without the same tenure as I have or with being a boss like B is, they had to work. Left with too much time on my hands is no bueno. Work was a respite. Plus the office is quiet and I was able to complete some long overdue “housekeeping”. No scroll inbox for one! Yeah buddy. My outlook system is back in bidness.

What a cluster. Things I have not posted about. The minor irritations I post about instead to mask and redirect. This is not my story to tell but we’re gutted.

I’ve also not written about my continued pain. No relief but with every test known to man conducted and shown as negative, I have resigned my lot. My GP will give me any pill I ask for but that is little consolation to finding out what this is and treating to cure not just take the edge off. And that comes with consequences otherwise known as side effects.

The physical therapy was a fiasco though I continue with at home exercises that do help somewhat. I always feel better when I’m mobile. I’m determined not to whine as much anymore. I’ll still bitch about it when I hit a wall like now but otherwise I’ll just keep powering through until I keel over. I told B that if I go before my time, to sue them because not finding out my diagnosis wasn’t for lack of trying.

In fact, I went in too often. I secretly think my doctor wrote me off as crazy considering the notes from her predecessor which I have in my hot little hands. She picked up where the other left off. And the other? Well I hope her concierge medical practice failed miserably. First do no harm my Aunt Frances. She left us in a lerch.

Enough already! Turn that frown upside down. Grab some breakfast, then get to work. Tomorrow is a holiday and I’ve got a book with my name on it … or not exactly on it. Lol. That ship has sailed. I’m avid reader not a writer and nary the two shall meet.

As always, more to come.

Thursday Thoughts ~ 12/23/21

P.S. Yesterday’s post may seem to be out of order but leaving this previously scheduled post anyway.

Today’s rambling might be a confession or maybe I’ll continue to hold things close to the vest. I told my friend that I felt like a liar. My guilt is overwhelming me. She replied, it is not a lie if you choose not to disclose sensitive info of a personal nature to the world. I said, to me this is a lie by omission. I have been lying by omission my whole life. Her response was baloney! What an awesome friend. She made me feel much better. Though I need help believing her.

Mostly I’m the blabby type but this one thing was a secret that went deep to my core. And for those who knew my secret because it was shared on my behalf, have since forgotten. Odd how when the secret doesn’t concern you, the memory fades quickly. Kind of like gossip, flash in the pan and gone. Once again, I’m reminded that I am NOT the sun! Dammit! But I wanna be the sun. Revolve around ME people, revolve all around ME!!

I have an attachment disorder. Self diagnosed but I know that I have one. I do one of two things. I distance and distrust like the plague or I smother and trust unconditionally without validation of any kind. No inbetween. Both extremes are dangerous. I’m fodder for con artists. I’m also blessed beyond belief that B is a good guy. My antenna is broken but thankfully where he is concerned, I don’t need one. Guess my guardian angel was watching when she put us together.

The Twitter experiment was actually a success. I have had a chance to reflect and overall very positive. Like WP. This community is welcoming. Parts of twitter land may be the mean streets but I followed groups of the same ilk. My people, accepted me without question. I had people! First time for everything y’all. They too must have attachment disorders to be so gracious and gentle with me. Still on the fence about writing out the details since the raw freshness makes the story scattered. You ask, how is that different from anything else you write Jilly? Well it isn’t but, …

Okay, that’s a wrap … for now. I’ll be back though. Like a bad penny. Constantly turning up. Haha!!

As always, more to come.