Off Cycle Thoughts/Here Is Why You Can’t Have Nice Things ~ 7/24/21

Sometimes I dip my toe into the deep end. Splash! Eventually I catch up with the techie techs of the world. On a lark, in prep for my RTO = return to office, I sprung for some wireless ear buds. Not the nice ones mind you. Lulu has her fancy dancy Apple Air pods and Pony has his Samsung equivalent but this other ‘f’ word stands for frugal gal isn’t going to spend that kind of cash.

I got Onn knock offs, compatible with iPhone. For the low, low price of $19.88 + tax. Easy enough set up for this luddite though I did have issues going between my phone and my iPad. The sound was great. The charge lasted all day. I took them to work and thank goodness I had them because my first day back, I forget my headset at home.

I swear dollars to donuts that I brought my ear buds home and even used them here at this very spot where I am sitting right now. But, nope. They are nowhere to be found here at the house. I had the collective family unit turn things upside down. Somewhere between the office and back home, poof gone. The last time for sure I remember using them was at the Tech Spot in the office as I waited for my new laptop, which is a story I may not have written about here in bloglandia but I almost blew up y’all. Seriously Meredith Grey.

“See that is why you can’t have nice things!” said me to the kids once upon at time. Or I am misremembering because that doesn’t sound like me at all. LOL. Now they can tell me the same thing. Glad I went with the cheapo because I am on the hunt for a replacement. And I definitely don’t want to lose them again.

I’m looking for something with a strap. Still not wired but wireless. I am in Amazon hell. Prime free one day and Amazon Choice offers. Too many to choose from. I have put in search criteria to slowly reduce my options but still have 294 to look through. Maybe I need to close my eyes, point to the screen, and pin the tail on the bud. Ugh! Shoot me now.

Humor me fine folks. Toss me a comment or two about your bud of choice. The ear variety. Wink wink. As if the teetotaler even remotely has any idea what she is talking about.

As always. more to come.

#QQ4U 12/16/19

Desktop 🖥 or Laptop 👩‍💻 ?

What brand?

My 10 year old desktop finally cratered. Fortunately the problem was some switch thingy and my hard drive is intact and recoverable. Until we get a replacement, our life is on a thumb drive. Amazing really.

Anyhoo, this morning I had a log in issue at work. I called the help desk and spoke to a very sweet young man in Guadalajara. As we waited for things to boot back up I asked him the questions above. He said he isn’t the least bit techie. He’s a history major who needed a part time job. He says the secret is there’s a manual of troubleshooting steps. 1-2-3 easy peasy. He is sticking with history in the hopes to teach one day. But the perk for now is his flexible schedule which includes every Saturday. Getting out early for class on the other days fits the bill.

Anyhoo part two. Help a sister out. What say you all the fine folks of bloglandia 😂