#WATWB ~ 4/24/20

Choosing something to share this month was harder somehow. Everywhere you look you see the effects of the pandemic. Makes being positive difficult. Then I remembered Soul Pancake. A bright spot for sure. Instead of my pity party, there’s reason to be thankful. Perspective. Now to hold on tight to that feeling. #Gratitude.

Without further ado, more from Kid President. When he said “Being sad isn’t bad, it helps you know what you care about” I teared up. I do know! Hugs to humanity ❤

Thanks to our illustrious hosts. Best concept ever. #WATWB.

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#WATWB ~ 11/29/19

#WATWB intention and rules.

Well I am jumping from week one of Soul Pancake videos to week nine.  Not because episodes two to eight are not shareable but because week nine hits home.

We never know what other people are going through.  What if one random act of kindness makes all the difference?  Kid President says “just tell people they’re awesome and mean it”  Well, it’s true.  You’re AWESOME!  I mean it!!

As always, more to come.

#WATWB ~ 10/25/2019

#WATWB intention and rules.

I stumbled across SoulPancake as part of an incentive at work.  Part of our be healthy challenge is to listen to short videos of a variety of topics meant to inspire.  Each week a new video is shared.  I found myself watching, smiling, feeling better, and making me realize the world is full of goodness despite all that we see that tries to tell us otherwise.

Here was our week one video:

Shaheem’s amazing story is part of our collaboration with The Happiness Stories and director Ron Parida, who presents portraits of individuals who have been dealt life’s toughest challenges, but who choose to persevere and do inspiring things.

#WATWB ~ 7/26/19

My first attempt to join in was in June but I don’t think I linked back correctly.  Take two here are the intention and rules

Though politicians are involved, this is not a political post.  Instead the post is about philanthropy from someone who chose to work behind the scenes using his wealth and means to provide humanitarian efforts just like the one I am about to share.  May the Perpetual Light Shine Upon him.  Rest in Peace.

Share the story of Ross Perot and U.S. Army Cpl. Alan Babin Jr.