#1linerWeds. 9/28/22

We’re watching Ian like everyone else. Hope Florida makes it through okay. HERE are the rules & ping back to today’s #1linerWeds.

I was in a meeting this week & since I’m literal and easily amused, I decided to use what I heard as my one liner. The person speaking was giving a demo on a new tool and he said …

The process is a little different but it is still the same

Anonymous presenter

Well which is it mister? Haha! ba-dum-tis. Something I may have said myself. I get he meant almost the same with a few new enhancements. And on that note, FIN for now. Until next time, behave 😉

As always, more to come.

#1linerWeds. 9/21/22

Ooohhh, I like Linda’s one liner today. Let’s all go slay some dragons!! Look HERE to check out the rest of today’s offerings. My borrowed two cents worth even less than 1/2 a penny follows:

The Opposite of Love is Not Hate, It Is Indifference

Elie Wiesel

Last week I went back to a lighthearted one liner after several weeks of trying to lift myself up using quotes from The Boy, the mole, the fox, and the Horse by Charlie Mackesy. Well the levity didn’t last. Not going to whine now. My break is almost over. I have to get back to crack-a-lackin.

Special thanks to the unnamed blogger who commented that quote back to me on one of my prior sad sack posts. Just what I needed, right when I needed to see it. No matter how often B tells me, “they don’t hate you Jill, they don’t even know you. If they took the time to know you, they would love you just like we do”, that lesson refuses to stick.

From another view, then maybe the opposite of hate is difference. As in making a difference, looking out for others. Being kind & giving a little help along the way.

As always, more to come.

#1linerWeds. 9/14/22

Over two days, I binge watched Cobra Kai. I’m not going to review it or spoil anything. My quick two cents, is the series is campy, cheesy, fun with killer tunes. For those of a certain age that is. Might not be everyone’s cuppa tea. No backstory but a cute maybe you had to be there one liner.

Maybe I should’ve had a short island ice tea?

Chozen as he stumbles from the limo with a “flesh” wound – Cobra Kai

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As always more to come.

#1linerWeds. 9/7/22

Winston is adorable. Just saying. I changed my mind & I’m staying with quotes from The Boy, the mole, the fox, and the Horse. For all you correct grammar folks, the capitalization is exactly as the book cover. I so want to capitalize mole and fox but for now, onward. Today’s pearl of wisdom is this …

“Isn’t it odd? We can only see our outsides, but nearly everything happens on the inside”

Charlie Mackesy The Boy, the mole, the fox, and the Horse

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As always, more to come.

One Liner Wednesday – The Power of Listening

Maggie knocked it out of the park with this one y’all. Sharing the goodness of telling our stories.

“The shortest distance between two people is a story”

Patti Digh

Taking the time to connect to others by listening to their story would help us understand each other a lot more. Many of us started at the same place and perhaps took divergent paths. It is interesting to think if not for that one difference, we might have ended up at the same place.

One Liner Wednesday is brought to us each week by Linda Hill. Pop over to her place to get the rules and read the contribution of others.

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#1linerWeds. 8/31/22

I’m emotionally a mess y’all. The weekly quotes help but they also hit home so to speak. I’m a little worse for the wear. I’ll still participate but back to lighthearted Jilly next week.

Tears fall for a reason and they are your strength not weakness

Charlie Mackesy The Boy, the mole, the fox, and the Horse

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#1linerWeds. 8/17/22

“Sometimes I think you believe in me more than I do.” said the boy “You’ll catch up.” said the horse

Charlie Mackesy

B is my horse. lol. He is y’all. Thank god, otherwise I’d be in dires straits.

Keeping a theme, here is #1 and #2 from good ole Charlie. To join in, HERE are the rules and pingback.

As always, more to come.

#1linerWeds. 8/10/22

Linda starts us off with a good one – definitely going to try & live like it is heaven on earth. Today I’m adding another uplifting quote from The Boy, the mole, the fox, and the Horse by Charlie Mackesy.  HERE links to last week’s entry, starting a streak & trying to keep it alive. HERE are the rule and pingback for today.

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” “Kind” said the boy

Charlie Mackesy

#1liner Weds. 8/3/22

I play Wordle & I love it. I’ve ended my streak twice but my stats tracker is off kilter so I’ve started playing on the same device. This one! My phone. Okay time for my #1linerWeds.

Since I don’t play by the rules, here is the backstory. No secret I’ve been out of sorts. Chronic pain will do that to you. I searched for family health history, found that and even more than I bargained for in the process. I’m the most weepy I’ve ever been in all my born days. To cheer myself up, I have lots of tricks in my mental health arsenal. Not much is working though. I write it all out but get too afraid to share. I second guess every freaking thing. What did that mean? Mostly means nothing but I make stuff up. Of course I assume the worst, which rarely ever happens but then I’m tricked into going through the cycle again. One of these days, I will be proven right & the WORST will happen. Frankly the worst already has happened for those who read my series of unfortunate events chronicle. My rationale mind knows this is nothing that important. I want to shout from the mountaintops, “you can’t hurt me mofo’s!” but sadly they can, because I let them. Boo hoo, baby Jilly.

To cheer myself up further, I bought a gallon of ice cream. Nope! I really bought the book The Boy, the mole, the fox, and the Horse by Charlie Mackesy. I read it through quickly since it is a picture book basically but a little weighty for the littles. Or not. Proper for ages 8 to 80. Maybe we should talk about things early as prevention. And without further ado, my first one liner from the book.

“What do you think success is?” asked the boy. “To love,” said the mole.

Charlie Mackesy

See! Good stuff & it gets better. To join in, HERE are the rules and ping back.

As always, more to come.