On A Day Like Any Other


Left with the same old questions

No answers fit

A heartbroken nation

More sadness to bear

The casualties have ripples

That spread to no end

On a day like any other


You Are Really Very Lucky


In the deepest depth of darkness

Where you’ll find me in despair

Searching forever for answers

That shape shift then disappear

To belong in this world to someone

To grow roots and to fit in

Is all I’ve ever wanted

Instead conceived in sin

I blame this darn weather.  I’ve got the winter time blues.  For real y’all.

As always, more to come.



Out of my head

Into my soul

Trying to find

My way to console

Forgiveness is fleeting

It comes and it goes

All I can do

Is get up again

Reach for the lifelines

Deep from within

Written 1/1/18 by J-Dub.