“I Knew You When”

Hi folks!  Meet Janet.  She’s my crafty friend from the west.  Somewhere in the great state of California I believe.

The song I just linked back to above made me cry.  Yet I’m happy.  I’m just very emotional lately.

Oh who am I trying to kid?  I am always very emotional but today for some reason I’m verklempt! Next week Lulu will be gone.  Not gone, gone.  Back to school.

“Cry me a River” Justin Timberlake.   Boo, hoo, hoo.  I am gonna make hay while the sun shines and spend some time with my girl. See ya soon-ish. You’ll see some pre-recorded stuff but only the shadow knows where we will be.

As always, more to come.


Tax Free Weekend & Other Shenanigans

Lately if I do not write something down right away, the thoughts fly outta my head.  Good thing there are always more thoughts waiting in the wings.  This post will likely be a hodgepodge of random rambling musings.

Ah now that’s the stuff.

My new tag line!

I am high on life, I tell ya.

Today Lulu and I went out and about to spend some time together before she goes back to school later this month.  August already? WTH.

First stop was Tommy’s Mexican restaurant for breakfast.  We call it Tommy’s tacos but they offer so much more.  Three Tommy’s are all around town.  We went to the one closest to home.  Imagine our surprise when we found they moved.  Same street – San Pedro just on the corner of Basse and San Pedro not further down on Montan and San Pedro.  And you’re bored.  Directions, she is giving us lay of the land for some place we’ve never been and won’t ever go.

This is our place!  Our Cheers!  But different.  That’s traumatic.  Light trauma but still.  Why’d you have to go and do that.  Can’t she stay little.  Uh wait!  I am projecting!

Tommy’s the restaurant grew up … doubled in size BUT still serves the same delicious food.  Papas con huevos on maize.  With the BEST coffee on the planet. Special day allowed me to splurge and drink coffee again for first time in a while.

Ah now that’s the stuff.

Second stop was Old Navy.  I stocked up y’all with four pair of pants that fit.  You know since my current pants shrunk!  Wink Wink. They are the exact same style but different colors.  I almost got five for something new each workday but Friday is my jeans and wear red day.   I also got three shirts, two dresses, and a headband  With no tax and a discount for breaking down to get their credit card, I saved $100 smack-a-roos.

Third stop was Quarry Nails.

Ah now that’s the stuff!

Truly.  But they changed too.  The store next to them closed and Quarry Nails expanded.  Always packed but now?  Oh my!  I told myself … SELF no more Mani-pedis for the remainder of your life.  Your hubby is self employed and the cost is not warranted.  Such a wasted indulgence.  BUT Lulu wanted to go and we used to do this stuff a lot before the big awful.  Doing so again kind of makes up for things.  Kinda. And besides it feels fan-freaking-tastic.   Nails done with massage and drinks!  Vodka for post-breakfast, pre-lunch.  Okay not vodka but you get the drift.

After that we quickly perused Nordstrom Rack and Chicos before heading home WHERE  I took everything out of my closet.  Put back only what I can fit into.  And fit or not, if I had not worn an item in forever, out it went.  I have six bags to donate.  Shoes were included in the purge.

Ah now that’s the stuff.

As always, more to come.

Homage to the Little Dog

Inspired by my fellow Texan by way of somewhere else maybe?  I need to ask John where he originally hails from one of these days.  I could not find any video of the entire “Where oh where” song.  Those lyrics may be lost forever.

The little dog song as we called it growing up was sometimes coupled with “How Much is that Doggie in the Window” when we broke out the 45s to take a listen.

Reading John’s post reminded me of something from earlier today.  I may not be able to remember all the lyrics of days past but I can retain most of my earlier in the day memories.  Anyhow, Lulu and I were out gallivanting around this tax-free weekend.  Amidst our high-jinx, somehow songs of my youth came up … songs like the one above.  But not that specific song.  Any song we knew by heart.

Our main discussion yet again centered around physical beauty.  You see we had just gotten Mani-pedi’s.  The torture pure spa luxury we go through!  I mentioned how my hands really show my age and make me look ninety!


Lulu tells me not to say things like that.  And that even 90 year old hands are beautiful.  And like that “Everything is Beautiful” by Ray Stevens popped into my head.

Ah now that’s the stuff.

As always, more to come.

Anniversaries Keep Coming

Originally posted on FB 8/4/14 – Names masked and date added but otherwise unchanged.

The mister returned to work today (8/4/14) where he was treated like royalty. F took him to a special lunch of goat cheese enchiladas at Rosarios. This evening the kids treated him to Hsiu Yu special fried rice.

His fortune cookie read “if you have a job without aggravations, you don’t have a job” He says he never wants to be without a job again! He welcomes the aggravations.

Tomorrow he is braving the scaffold again – different job site, same risk. I feel nauseous but what are you gonna do?!?!?

I hear the Who singing “Then I’ll get on my knees and pray. We don’t get fooled again.” Not exactly the same but the lyrics kind of work here.

Are you still with me after enjoying the interlude?  The Who is the best! AmIright??

I feel a musing and rambling coming on.  Time (that awful construct of man) heals all wounds.  Hope (that fickle bitch) makes me think things will be okay BUT and it’s a BIG BUTT being okay is temporary.  Perfection is an illusion.  I am worried y’all.  About things on the self-employment front and other such woes which I cannot change.  My controller self is outta control.  Yada yada yada.  Broken record Jilly Beans.  We’ve heard this from you before.  Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  We’re all wasted.  Wait!  That’s Baba O’Riley.

Eff it!  I am drowning my sorrows in music.

As always, more to come.

Time for Cake and Champagne

Yesterday I received this lovey notification of my 4th anniversary on WP. Yeppers. Quite the achievement.  This particular dash is August 2, 2015 to August 2, 2019.



Cheers!! I’m going to celebrate with cake and some sort of elixir even if not champagne.

Wanna know what’s funny?   I only made three posts on August 2nd 2015: Hello world! Enhancing my skills and Books, Movies and Music.  Then I disappeared. Into the wind. Living the good life. I came up for air to start writing again on July 3rd of 2016.  Why did I return?  Well to fill the void. Aka combat my empty nest. Which is full again by the way albeit temporarily.

And the rest they say is herstory.  Or mystory.  The mad, mad world of Jilly Mack or Jilly Beans or J-Dub as my former boss still calls me.

I’m about to mark one year of consecutive posting. Another milestone.  Do I even have a life offline?  I’m here Every. Single. Day. Or am I?  Only the Shadow knows.  Bwhahahha.  Scheduling posts works wonders y’all.

Ah now that’s the stuff. My new favorite quip. Maybe I should change my tag line?

Enjoy today!  this exact moment.  For tomorrow is not guaranteed.  Happy Saturday to you and yours.

As always, more to come.

What Fresh Hell is This? 8/2/19

Too many thoughts to express but I’m gonna try.  I have to listen to calls for work on occasion.  I’ve heard some doozies over the years.  I swear one day I will write a book. This week I heard something that generated the question what fresh hell is this?  I cannot believe this happened in my lifetime.

Daughter: Go on daddy, tell the nice gentleman when you joined the Army

Dad: I didn’t join, they drafted me.

Customer Service Rep (CSR) asks a few more questions which confirm “Dad” served in Korea for two years. Means he is eligible and could apply insurance.

Daughter to CSR: He’s still upset about it.  He was born a Perez.  He served with the last name Perez.  When he got out, moved to IL and started our family, he was forced to change his last name.  Our last name.  It’s all legally done though.  The name change.  He did it so I could go to Catholic school. They accepted us after we took the last name Perri.

The daughter is three years older than me.  Her dad two years older than my mom.  How could this have happened?  I know this shit happened a lot for people going through Ellis Island.  But not in 1960 something.

Then I thought how I went to Catholic school too.  I knew a family also with the last name Perez. The family was an integral part of our community.  The oldest son was good friend with my brother.  The youngest son was two years older than me.  He was the star quarterback in high school.  His sister was a cheerleader.  They got to keep their last name.  What a difference 1240 miles makes!

Still hard to wrap my head around how this could happen.  Then I realize I automatically have privilege.  What do I do with that? Heady thoughts on this Friday morning.

As always, more to come.

For Better or For Worse

No this is not a post about marriage.  I am rambling and musing.  With time on my hands I am sprucing up the place.  For better or for worse that I do not know yet.  But I am loving playing around with free themes!!!

That also means I have moved some “furniture” around.  Virtual furniture is lightweight.  I can move here there and yonder and back again all without breaking a sweat.  I am the least techie tech type but I am not afraid to right click when in doubt.  Sort of like taking a multiple choice test … “When in doubt Charlie out”  Means select the c) answer.  Ha!  Fun times I tell ya.

This could be like me cutting my hair and no one notices.  Because I keep the same style (or lack there of).  Well that’s not exactly fair.  My hairdresser since October of 2006 always gave me a cut to keep me contemporary.  I have pictures to prove my evolution.  She also gave me a cut that basically styled itself.

I missed some appointments lately because of LIFE.  I also started to notice that my gray came back within days.  I could not afford the time to color my roots weekly (even if I had the money which I don’t because I am the other F word … frugal) .  Can’t fight city hall of the mane variety.  Time for acceptance.

In my usual hindsight is 20/20 fashion, I wish I had never gotten on the color train.  Or color boat.  Or color whatever vehicle of your choice.  Why?  Well because now I am having a painful transition.  That would not be the case if I had accepted myself all those years ago.  If wishes were buts and or candy then beggars would ride.  LOL.  See how I mixed up an idiom and a proverb.  Here are the real quips thank you Google you masterful search engine you.

“If ifs and buts were candies and nuts we’d all have a Merry Christmas”

“If wishes were horses, beggars would ride”

My therapist who I likely need to go back to again always told me not to waste a single minute on would’ve, could’ve, should’ve.  But oh how I like to wallow there in the land of regrets.  I don’t stay long anymore but I do go back to see my long lost friends.  My coping mechanism of expect the worst and you will never be disappointed.  Sort of similar huh?  Or not.

Whew! this felt good.  Better out than in as my old buddy Shrek is fond of saying.  Wishing you a wonderful peaceful Sunday.

As always, more to come.

17 More Days

I am close y’all.  Today is day 348 for posts in a row.  As I look back over the last almost year, I wonder what was I doing on this day.   Only nice thing about FB is that feature of having memories pop up.  Maybe we could petition WP to do the same.  Sure archives are fine but a memory would be icing on the frigging cake doncha think?

Hey youse guys who run the blogosphere make it happen will you? Pretty puhleese with sugar on top.  Since I can’t eat sugar, I may as well add that sweet white stuff to my wishes.  Too much?  Well of course, I’m always too much.  That’s the only way I roll.

Wishing you a wunderbar Saturday!

As always, more to come.