Feedback is a Gift

Once upon a time, I was a new quality manager.  My job was to oversee the auditors and provide a monthly summary to our executive.  WT was a very approachable fellow who always joked around.  Taking liberties one month, I sent my summary email with the tag line:

Feedback is a gift and today is your birthday!! 

The next morning my boss, CJ called me into his office.  Well okay he called me over to his desk because he didn’t have an office.  He gave me feedback on my email.  Apparently it was MY birthday.  My tag line did NOT go over well.

I was embarrassed.  I wanted to clear the air.  Go apologize to WT.  I meant well, I was trying to soften the blow of the month’s less than stellar results.   CJ told me DON’T do anything else … just to NEVER do that again.

Mind you I didn’t modify the official report.  My lame attempt at humor was in the cover email.  Ha!  I still laugh … today is your birthday … because it’s funny.

Years later … or maybe fast forward to June, I saw WT in the hallway at work.  Though I no longer work with him, I brightly smiled and said “Hey W.  Happy birthday! Wink wink.  Get it?”  Surprisingly he did.  We had a good laugh.

And that’s the back story.  Because I’m rambling.  I save my one-liner posts for Wednesdays.  Today is Friday.  Haha.  I slay me.

Okay!  Here we go, here we go now.

I participated in Write Club 2019.  I didn’t place but this year they did something different by offering feedback.  I got about eight word docs with my 500 or less story followed by critiques.  I’m in heaven y’all … hog heaven that is … or I’m high on cotton … lol.  That ain’t right.  I’m something else … tickled pink.  Yep, I am tickled pink.

The first critique was good.  I made his or her top 45, not top 30 but man y’all that’s close when the top 30 compete for reader votes.  My entry was written in an hour-ish, rough draft, not polished.  Yep I’m telling on myself.  I joined for fun with zero expectation of placing.

Guess what critique #2 said?  It said and I quote “this looks like a draft and not a polished piece or perhaps part of a larger story??  Maybe with more context this would make sense.” Winning!

The remainder were neutral.  Several said I had grammatical errors throughout.  Did I think this was #SoCS?  uh ya!  That’s my style.  And I did a head hop thing at the very end.  “Just how did Missy know what Stella was thinking?”  Well geez Louise, mind reading of course.

But I jest!  I LOVE my feedback and I’ll do better next time.  I know what to work on.  Not being facetious either.  Constructive criticism makes us better.  Now I am off to eat b-day cake and ice cream. Maybe play a little pin-the-tail on the donkey.  Hit that pinata.

As always, more to come.



What Old Folks Do For Fun

… on this Saturday B and I are off to get our shingles vaccines.  If you’ve ever known anyone who has had shingles, you’ll know this vaccine is a godsend.  Shingles are the WORST!!!!  Though I am not an anti-vaxer by any means, I am neurotic times 50!!!  Therefore preparing for the side effects.  I keep telling myself, I’m the Little Engine That Could

it’s just a shot

it’s just a shot

it’s just a shot


Now that would’ve been a good #SoCS post 🙂

As always. more to come.

Will Someone Pack for Me Puhleese????

… because I don’t wanna.  Worst part of taking a trip is PACKING.

Can’t I just time travel?  Something like Star Trek beam me up Scotty or even Quantum Leap’s Sam where I simply wake up tomorrow in KC.  In someone else’s body ?!??  That’d be awesome.  Lol.

Anyone remember that show? … With Scott Bakula?? He’s Mister NCIS: New Orleans these days.

Nope!  Not possible?  Well that’s a bummer.  I guess better get crack-a-lack-in.

As always, more to come.

Levity During Date Day

Who takes a book 📖 to a movie 🎥? Is that like taking a knife 🔪 to a gunfight? Thank you Kindle app.

Reading is what one does when arriving an hour before a no reserve seating of the Avengers Endgame. Or you can play solitaire on your phone too. We can’t talk to each other. We were already shushed. Why I never. 😆

As always more to come.

Thursday Musings

All week I’ve been one day ahead.  Which sucks because tomorrow is not SATURDAY.  Ugh.  One more day of the grind.

Why do I say things like grind?  I over exaggerate dear ones.  My work does not involve grinding.  Lol.  Now that was be a sight.  Not for sore eyes but a sight all the same.

Any who.

Ambien is no bueno.  Ask anyone.  Was suggested I get an RX for some cuz ya know, the not sleeping is slowly killing moi.  My friend told me about her Ambien experience.  She was riding horses all night while dressed like a Gladiator.  No joke.  Her body was rested but her mind went through a medieval tournament.

Wait am I in the wrong era??  Why do I not get a simple yes or no answer when I Google “do gladiators joust?”  SIMPLE yes or no people!!!!!

I have heard worse.  The Ambien defense.  And once a while back while grieving my parents deaths, I filled the Ambien RX.  Read the possible side effects and was like uh hell to the no.  Did not take a single pill.  I am sure B would watch out for me but good god.  The risk!  I am risk adverse.  One day I will sleep again.  Until then … I won’t. Uh duh.

I left work a bit early today … I don’ feel guilty … but I DO.  Despite the three prior 10 hour days.  I’ll hit my 40 @ 9 am tomorrow.  I left because I needed to find a purple shirt.  Ya see tomorrow we purple out.  In support of military children.  April is their month.  Can’t think of a better reason to purple out.

Off I went to Target.  The only purple was a man’s polo.  I am a medium-sized man or a large woman.  The sweet clerk told me not to feel bad.  To him I looked like a small man cuz the shirts are cut slim; everyone is a size up.   Hmmm, alrighty then.

I really don’t care y’all.  But I DO!  Though I shouldn’t.  If I could only turn off that little voice inside my head.

As always, more to come.

Okay Y’all, This is Funny

I have ranted about the FB ban of my blog.  Either the bots got me, someone ratted me out, or a combination of the two.  I will never know but I have been attempting to crack the code and get back in.  I did get a notification that the FB committee reconsidered one of my posts and that my post would be posted.  Despite the notification, that did not happen.  My new stuff is still being rejected.

Any hoo, I set up another account on FB using my middle name and an alternate associated email.  I keep getting texts for the new middle name account – all the you may know so and so.  Things of that nature.  Just now my text says and I quote “Jill is FB, if you know her send her a friend request”.  Uh ya, I guess I know me but will I send myself a friend request?  Naw.  I surrender.  At least Twitter and Instagram accept me.

As always, more to come.

$10 No …

I won’t finish the phrase cuz it’s off color and not funny but it’s something my ex-marine buddy coworker from 1984 said all the time.

Any hoo. We’re having the senior combo concessions. $5 each for pop corn and a kid drink. $5 x 2 = $10. Well duh 🙄

Pony: We’ve reached that stage huh?

Me: Yes as of January.

Pony: I guess I should face the fact I’ve got old ass parents.

B: And I face the fact you’re an old ass kid.

Lulu: Yeah I’m the only young one.

As always more to come.

TGIF 2/8/19

I’m working from home because I’m a wimp now that our parking garage is temporarily closed and I have to walk to the building in this weather 🥶. The rain never came but it’s cold again. Won’t get out of the 30s if you believe Siri. That’s what she told me when I asked her.

I said “should I go to work Siri?” She replied “I don’t know what to say.” Ha! Guess we’ve got a ways to go on the AI front. Or I need to rephrase my question. Communication … now that’s a tough nut 🥜 to crack.

AI? Well that’s fascinating but alas my day job beckons. Wishing everyone a zen filled Friday.

As always more to come.

So, … Funny Math of the Ice House Variety

Yes I call them ice houses.  You call them convenience stores.  To-mA-to … to-mah-toe.  They still sell ice don’t they??!?!  Oh and tossing the gauntlet of pretend poker,  I’ll see your Wawa and I’ll raise you a QT!  LOL

This is what counts for entertainment when you live in the sticks!!  We have been watching the construction for months … dare I say a year.  Finally Saturday was the grand opening of the newest QT!

Pony told us about the FREE 24 oz tumblers – Tervis … to keep the hot stuff warm and the cold stuff cool.  One day only!!!  Sure enough, we each got one.  And the first drink was on the house.  I made the loop around the store before deciding.  I wanted the frozen hot chocolate or a Dr. Pepper freezoni but then I saw mango tea in a shimmering light.  And the seas of the peoples parted as I made my way to the spout! Aahhhh!!! Refreshing!!

All free!!! Somebody pinch me I must be dreaming :).  With a carry away cup for discounted refills!!!

Next time and believe me there WILL be a next time, I’m gonna get soft serve!! I’m fairly certain that the 49 cent cones will be back up to normal price but I have a hard time believing these creamy elixirs of life will be more than $3 which is what I pay at SIP or Mr. Softee.

That’s the funny math part … $0.49 to $3.00, what a racket! SIP and Mr. Softee you have been soft served!  Get it?  Hahahahahaha … I slay me.

As always, more to come.