New Category ~ 14 to Infinity

In¬†this prior post¬†13reasonswhyimhappy, inspired by¬†Virtual Vomit’s Challenge, I was hard pressed to come up with 13 good things in my life. ¬†VERY sad because that is far from the truth. ¬†My life is fantastic. ¬†Circumstances may not always be rainbows and unicorns mind you BUT¬†…¬†MY¬†life is as GOOD as it gets. ¬†I was jaded by¬†events that seemed beyond my control. ¬†My thoughts were weighing me down. ¬†I know in my heart of hearts that my thoughts create my reality. ¬†Being positive could only help but to turn things around.

I am not so naive as to think my happy/positive thoughts can magically control the universe or cure all that ails me though. ¬†Yet they can surely alleviate some of the personal pain. ¬†Buddha ways = zen and inner peace for me¬†at least. ¬†Let the shit storm swirl around me, I will only see what’s good. ¬†And on that note, a new category was born. ¬†Why stop at 13 reasons? ¬†I plan to post one liners and other things that make me happy in this section. ¬†Might not be daily or weekly but whenever the moods strikes and I need to get back to center, this is where I will come.