#FlashFiction ~ 8/20/18

Continued from  #Flash Fiction ~ 4/29/18

Reverend: Fancy meeting you here.  Are we still on for tomorrow night?

Ah yes the Casino Night fundraiser for the school was tomorrow night. And “we” was the parish community. And Sheila was the co-chair.

Sheila: I’ll be there.  I worked too hard on this not to see it through.  But after tomorrow, I am leaving.

Reverend: Dear Sheila, we’ve been over this before.  You’re not leaving.  How many times have you told me that?  Still you stay.  You know where your loyalties lie.

Sheila (wiping tears from her eyes): Look, you cannot talk me out of it this time. Just let me be.  For my sanity.

End scene.

As always, more to come.


#FlashFiction ~ 8/19/18

Today kinda sucked for Mary.  Started off late, hitting snooze and getting stuck in traffic.  Making up for it with breakfast from the drive thru, a once in a while treat.  Things were on the upswing.  Then afternoon-ish without warning. Bam! Life happens.

You see without providing all the gory details, Mary knows the world is full of not so nice people.  People who lie, cheat, and take advantage of an underdog schizophrenic brother all with the guise of ending every phone call with have a blessed day.

Coereced she paid early.  But would it ever really go away?

99 words of 100 words or less #FlashFiction challenge.

As always, more to come.

#FlashFiction ~ 8/18/18

Picking up food for the mister who worked through lunch. I’d be happy to never eat again. TV in this place is blaring. The waitresses are glued to the screen. Ignoring me. I think noise from the show is making me angry. Ahem.

Right now I’m in my head. Feeling awful. She’s trying so hard. But it’s never enough. I can’t even look her in the eyes. Doing so breaks me. She’s covering pain. She tossed out an idea.  Nothing neither of us really wants to do. Something deep inside me is like biting on tin foil. I’m damaged.

The above makes 99 words of 100 or less flash fiction challenge.

As always, more to come.

#Flash Fiction ~ 4/29/18

Sheila pulled into the CVS parking lot which was almost empty.  “Good” she thought to herself.  “I’ll get in and out quickly, best of all without running into anyone I know.”

The big automatic double doors opened with a swoosh as Shelia entered the store.  She walked past the make-up counter and the candy for sale taking a right down aisle 15.  She crept along the row discreetly looking for the goods.

“Why Sister Shelia! Is that you?” boomed Reverend Saunders.

“Holy Hell! I’ve been looking for you” Shelia exclaimed.

He had nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.

As always, more to come.


Sonny rocked back and forth flicking an unlit cigarette between his fingers. He surely was not going to pick up the cancer sticks again after 8 years abstinence. Circumstances had pushed him to the edge. To be here in this place again was surreal. Waiting as the stretch rolled up.

As always, more to come.


She’d been holding back her tears again

For so long

In the past, a good cry always got everything back on track

Well except for that one time when she started crying and couldn’t stop

She got help, she got better, she was stronger

Stronger meant she didn’t feel anything

Until today

She made it to her car before the flood gates opened

Tears stinging her eyes, vision blurred

Trying to process what happened

All the horrible angry mean things she wanted to say

They had hurt her

Oh how easy it would be for her to simply disappear

As always, more to come



Jenny got a text a mile long from Amber.

Sam really wants to come for a visit  
He has been asking about u  
He wants to see his sister  
He's on new medication/doing better
But today he threw a fit in front of a new client  
He asked for the money for his room and board 
I know it's early but I can bring him to u
U can give him cash right?

Jenny sat in stunned disbelief.  Butterflies rising up, heart racing.  She sucked in a short breath. Then exhaled, Huhhhhhh  She carefully types “Can I call you?”

Reply: Yes.

One more time, Huhhhhhh.  She’d rather be any place but here.

As always, more to come.



In twilight, she woke. At 4 am the alarm clock finally blared pulling her back to life. It was then she realized she was already living.

She missed him dearly. Gone too soon. He always told her “it’s not insomnia. If you wake before the alarm, get up, you’re done sleeping. There’s no right or wrong/no magic number”.

This trick worked as well as any other. Things like not looking at the time, not drinking caffeine after 3pm, and her deep breathing techniques.

The peace and comfort despite lack of sleep was something she wanted to share. If everyone had a bed, covers and pillow … a soft place to land. What a wonderful world it would be.

As always more to come.



Winnie had given up making her bed every morning.

“Screw it – make the morning make the day … my ass”

She’d followed the rules that were supposed to bring her a sense of stability.  And making her bed every day did that.  For a short time.  Until it didn’t.

The dreams were back.  They always came back and ruined everything.  She only called them dreams.  The visions were flashbacks to a former life.  One lived with reckless abandon and cruelty.

She wondered aloud “Will I ever be safe?”

Time to pack up and go.



Piles of paper surrounded her. This was her junk room. The place where she hoarded her thoughts along with daily activities too overwhelming to complete.

Somehow she managed the minimum to keep the wolves at bay as Uncle Bubie would have said. Mainly she pulled through life slowly like pouring molasses. Her messy space pulling her further into an abyss.

Discipline. She needed discipline. She’d talk herself well. Get up! Organize your thoughts. Organize these papers. Get going. Live your life.

As always more to come.