A is for Add Fuel to the Fire ~ 4/1/23

Kicking off the challenge! Let the games begin. I no longer have to use a single badge this year which I had planned to do even though I have more real estate in my media with this paid WP plan. I’m frugal with a capital F by hardwired DNA. Of course how would I even know what my DNA predisposes me to without further testing but we are not going down a rabbit hole today. Or rat hole. Yep it’s a rat hole. I seem to remember a fellow blogger explaining that to me. He shared a meme with a rat digging a hole. Okay, ‘enuf said.

A is for ADD FUEL TO THE FIRE. This is when someone does something to make a bad situation worse.

Yeah buddy, I can add fuel to the fire with glee, sarcastic blankety blank that I am. But I don’t feel like fueling right now. Instead, I’m veering over into a tune. A very good tune. Thank you Billy Joel!! HERE are the wiki facts of said song. We Didn’t Start the Fire.

As always, more to come.

29 thoughts on “A is for Add Fuel to the Fire ~ 4/1/23

    1. I would have loved to see him live! Thanks to John, I added the letter A without taking up real estate in my media. Used the URL. Who knew?!? Now we all do. Ha-ha. Happy April to you too!!

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  1. I don’t I’ve ever heard that song frtom beginning to end… Anyway, great theme!

    We have the code to embed all the letters on the page with the letter .pngs. What I do is right-click on the image, click “copy image address,” go back, add an Image block, click “insert from URL,” and put the address in the box. Voila!

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