Flashback Friday ~ 3/31/23

In looking for a Flashback Friday, I went to 3/31/17. This was about nine months into my first year as a blogger. Then I looked at 3/31/18 & realized I was much more prolific back then. I wrote three different posts on 3/31/17 with 89 posts total for March of 2018.

What the what?!?!?

Now I’ve calmed down to write one or two posts everyday with this being #1691 in a row. Yeah buddy! Here’s a little secret, I think my writing skillz have become flat. Not sure exactly what I mean by that but I was much more cheeky then & I hurled profanity, keeping it real. I was Hemingway bleeding on a page y’all. My angst, had its own angst.

These days I write as if I’m scared. Okay, I was scared. FB banned my blog (they let me back in but I’m not biting). A few DMs came my way that put me on pause. Life kept happening but I posted my views in a more subtle way. Don’t laugh, I have been reigning it in these days. Feels less genuine somehow. I’d like to get an edge back.

Okay, now for the main event. Five years ago was a Saturday. This was my #SoCS post. Hope you enjoy the recycle. The video may not work but the movie is out there. Pulp Fiction finest.

As always, more to come.

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