Thursday Thoughts ~ 3/30/23

I recently received an order missing two cards. I’m not pursuing correction. I would normally but this is found family. I’m afraid to make waves since I’m on shaky ground anyway. And least I see it as shaky ground.

Inside the envelope with my order was a note. This note was in response to an email I sent back in October 2022 & a yahrzeit from January 2023. I’m so full of gratitude to be acknowledged. I really don’t want to rock the boat by asking for two cards.

I was so encouraged by this acknowledgement from one cousin that I sent a different cousin an email with a few family records & photos related to their branch. I did this without expectations & doubt I’ll get a reply. I think I got my quota because he’s already replied twice before. I’m still stung because that was back in July when he also passed my info on to his sister who has yet to reach out.

Trying to resolve my feelings about this mess. Makes me uber sensitive to others. I definitely don’t want anyone else to feel this way. Do onto others & all that jazz. Now for a song 🎶

As always more to come.

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