Share Your World ~ 3/28/23

Let’s get this party started! Thanks Di for hosting. I’m tossing in my two cents worth 1/2 penny. HERE are the rules & pingback.

1.  Do you have a lot of friends or do you know a lot of people? Hmm, define friend. I grew up in a huge blended family & my parents were very social creatures. Our community was bursting at the seams. I have life long friends who I grew up with who I do not see everyday any more but for 13 years of my life, 9 months of the year, we were in each others presence 7 hours a day, 5 day a week. We could not help but bond. They are forever friends. Over 39 years working for the same company in different roles, I have work friends who also evolve based on current job but are still friends. My kids friends’ parents have become our friends in some cases. All this prattling about to say yes to both, I have a lot of friends & know a lot of people.
2.  If you are at a party and know very few of the guests, do you mingle and introduce yourself, sit on the sidelines and people watch, or discreetly leave? Sit on the sidelines & people watch until someone comes up to me to introduce themselves. We had a boss once who was always the introducer in any setting. There is always that person who can connect a group of strangers for festivities.
3.  What is the best job you have ever had? The one I have right now, Compliance Risk Manager Lead overseeing regulatory change management. Sounds dull & boring but oh you have no idea. Daily shenanigans!!
4.  Can you swim? Yes and I never learned how, I just could. Sounds weird but swimming to me was instinctive like a duck to water. Truth is I was probably too young to remember being taught how to swim. I grew up around water & to this day I LOVE the water – lake, river, ocean, you name it.

Gratitude: Things may not always turn out the way we’d hoped, but sometimes they turn out better. I am going through this now sort of. Therapy has helped me accept that which I cannot change & in doing so, I have come to realize what I thought I wanted was not healthy. It is what it is AND I am OKAY with that. Finally I can say that & mean it.

As always, more to come.

12 thoughts on “Share Your World ~ 3/28/23

    1. Hi Di! I go by both. Glad you liked the gratitude, such a nice exercise to be grateful 😇 I’m doing the job I was meant to do. Makes all the difference.


  1. The answer to the party question depends on the party. If it’s a gathering of people interested in something I’m interested in (a party at a writing convention, for instance), I’d sit and eavesdrop until I heard a conversation that pulled me to it. If it’s a gathering of people interested in something I know nothing about (taxidermy, for instance), I’d mingle and ask any number of questions, then later put taxidermy in one of my stories and sound like I knew all about it because I had picked up some insider lingo or procedural detail. If it’s a gathering of people interested in something I detest (making tobacco products appealing to children, for instance), I’d leave (assuming I had attended at all).

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