News 📰 of the Day ~ 3/27/23

How obnoxious would it be making News of the Day a daily post? Not real news mind you. I imagine, quick tiny anecdotes likes the one that follows:

Microsoft Word has a new improved spell check called Editor. This tool removes the 2nd space after a period. The actual feature is called “punctuation conventions”. I can almost see Sr. Margaret in typing class marking off for one space. At this point, double space is a habit. But I let the Editor ✍️ take over. This is freeing 😄


As always more to come.

9 thoughts on “News 📰 of the Day ~ 3/27/23

  1. Every generation tends to complain about modernisation of language but the world marches on regardless. Many people now incorporate emojis into their writing; some don’t use capitals; punctuation is becoming sparser; terms such as “could of”, “should of”, have become very widely used, as has an indifference to the misuse of their/there/they’re; ellipses now contain any number of dots! What would Sr. Margaret think of such things? IDNK, but I’m sure she would not be ROFL.

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