News of the Day ~ 3/25/23

What the hell man? I’ve been trying to write this post by talk to text and having one heck of a time. Let’s try this again. Siri start behaving.

I’ve switched over to Jetpack y’all. Feels cool like I’m part of the Wolfpack, the Rat pack, the Brat pack or the bloglandia pack. I resisted the switch until they made me. Now I realize no big deal. The flows seems pretty much the same. For my purposes anyway.

B & Pony are working on the Smoke Shack. Lulu Belle & her kiwi are at the Farmers market. What’s a lonely girl to do? Well when that lonely girl is me, I bake a Dutch Apple pie.

Happy Saturday folks! Cheers to you.

As always more to come.

6 thoughts on “News of the Day ~ 3/25/23

    1. Oh yes, I love Nero Wolfe but at the time I was being silly thinking of a pack of wolves 😂 The pie was delicious. I’m adding it to the keep recipe pile.


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