Flashback Friday ~ 3/24/23

I had the best time ever as I re-read old posts looking for a flashback. I need to get to reading again in order to repurpose this day as Friday Book Club. Lulu is moving out soon & then I will read again. For now, we are spending lots of time together. More than typical as she packs & decides on what’s needed. She left me once & I survived. I will survive again. I hope ….

We are nothing if not creatures of habit. March 17th 2017 we spent the day at the McNay. March 17, 2023, we did that again. HERE is that post. Not sure why I didn’t write about our day there this year. It was a very good one.

We went through the exhibit called Womanish. Then we saw the costumes from Broadway exhibit. Finally we toured the new sculptures on the lawn. Afterwards we dined at WD Deli where for dessert we enjoyed salty butterscotch. Finally as the day came to a close, I bought a new vehicle. Lulu will officially be leaving me in my (now her) 2013 Buick. Bittersweet I tell ya what!

And that’s enough for now.

As always, more to come.