Thursday Thoughts ~ 3/23/23

Another palindrome date. I saw an article about this related to March 2023 specifically but can’t find it again. I will consider this day lucky regardless!

I have a repeat dilemma folks. Do I send well wishes knowing that in all likelihood, a response (or even acknowledgement) is slim to none? I’m seriously asking for advice though I know what I will do … I think.

Early March I sent birthday wishes & crickets. I was so sure we’d turned a corner because of responses to texts in November that said sorry for not answering will reach out when things calm down & February some random silliness was responded to but the birthday cheers sits delivered. I should just delete the damn text.

Charles tells me a few things like I have no idea what kind of chaos her life she could have or if she has even seen my text. He says non response says more about the receiver & nothing about me. His direct quote “In other words Jill, she probably doesn’t hate you”. And what does lil Jilly hear? PROBABLY … so she really could hate me. She probably DOES hate me. My sister who was not my sister. Oh well, moving on …

Different set of people in the same family so I think I’m going for it. Because there is always hope but mainly I want to say cheers! I’m happy for them … but I’m also assuming this is a happy day for them too. I could be wrong of course. I might be picking a scab. See how easy it is to MSU = make stuff up when all you get is crickets? LOL.

I’m protecting my tender heart with the help from Charles – my beliefs have changed. I believe they know who I am. I believe this is not personal. I believe their response patterns will remain inconsistent. And with my newly lowered expectations, I am fully prepared for more crickets – noisy a$$ bastards in their silence.

Hey why do we say that … crickets for no response? HERE is why. A cinematic metaphor – if not for crickets, the nights are otherwise silent. Who knew?

Wish me luck!

As always, more to come.