Friday Book Club: J-Dub’s Review of The Measure by Nikki Erlick

Here’s my edited Goodreads review: “Eight ordinary people, one extraordinary choice” If you could know exactly when you’d die would you want to know? Whether you know or not, how do you measure what’s considered a good life? How do you choose how to spend your time? Glad the choice is conceptual only. Moral lessons throughout. Several points to ponder. I recommend you read this book which full of social commentary without be preachy.

I borrowed the hardback from the library which means I captured a few good quotes for my common place book:

  • … the truth began to leak through cracks in the laboratory walls, creating small puddles of knowledge that eventually grew into pools.
  • … this was the first time the world outside of her books had ever revealed the stories with its very own plot twist.
  • She doesn’t need to spend time on fantasies anymore because she’s already living in one.
  • … and even though I’ve joined a group where I’m encouraged to speak these thoughts aloud, it feels easier, somehow, to write it all down.
  • If forever doesn’t exist, she said, we’ll invent it ourselves.
  • … everything that needed to be said was said in the silence, in their touch.
  • We humans have an impulse to mark our existence in some way that feels permanent.

As always more to come.