Thursday Thoughts ~ 3/16/23

I’ve been trying to cover my feelings about circumstances beyond my control. The ole ostrich with head in the sand. I had a therapy session on Monday only to be told that my anger over some of this stuff is justified. That feels odd. It’s ok to be angry. Hmmm. What a concept!

I’m a controller with very high standards & it would behoove myself to lower those standards to avoid disappointment. This includes letting myself off the hook by not expecting perfection from myself.

All this in a 22 minute Talkspace session with Charles. I seriously never thought a dude could help me. Lol. There were 8 minutes of technical difficulties getting in but after that we got down to brass tacks. The new 30 minute hour really isn’t enough but I’m going for four more free sessions. Then we’ll see what happens.

As always, more to come.