A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal

How exciting that the A to Z Challenge is right around the corner. I’m usually not a theme person. Instead I’m more a fly by seat of your pants person. I’m teetering toward idioms. But reserve the right to switch gears at any moment. Yeppers, keep ‘em guessing. Any way you slice it, good times to be had by all.

As always more to come.

#SLS ~ 3/12/23

The prompt is surf rock. Thanks Jim for hosting. HERE are the rules & ping back.

I chose a Misirlou cover by Chubby Checker since it has lyrics because this is after all Song Lyric Sunday. But I also threw in the Dick Dale & the Del-Tones instrumental which is classified as surf rock. Cowabunga baby. LOL HERE are wiki details. Original writer unknown.

Desert shadows
Creep across purple sands
Natives kneel in prayer
By their caravans

There, silhouetted
Under an eastern star
I see my long lost blossom
Of shalimar

You, misirlou
Are the moon and the sun
Fairest one

Old temple bells
Are calling across the sand
We’ll find our kismet
Answering love’s command

Αχ, μισιρλού, μαγική ξωτική ομορφιά
Τρέλα θα μου ‘ρθει, δεν υποφέρω πια
Αχ, θα σε κλέψω μέσ’ απ’ την αραπιά

Sunday Reflections: A Week in Review ~ 3/12/23

I know this is repetitive to say but time is flying by faster than usual. BIG things are happening in the space of a week which really is not that long. Sort of feels like forever in a day though too. If this pace keeps up I will miss something. Which means I need to get rid of the sH!t that makes me crazy. Fuck ’em. This weekend was full of self care. The SA Botanical Gardens were beautiful & a much needed distraction as was lunch at WD Deli afterwards. My Lulu Belle is closing on her first house with the fiancé in April. Means she’s leaving me again like her 4 years away at college. This is the natural order of things & I am over the moon happy. We have a relationship that won’t change with distance. If anything, we’ll be stronger ❤

Now for the roll call … reverse this time …

Peace y’all. Until next time. Stay safe.

As always, more to come.