#SoCS ~ 3/11/23

The famous Linda G Hill reminds us we’re springing forward. Ugh! I stumbled across this the other day as my Arizona coworkers were commenting how they didn’t have to deal with this mess. Daylight saving time will start on Sunday at 2 a.m. and is here to stay until Nov. 4, 2023, regardless of whether the Sunshine Protection Act is fully adopted into law.

I wish the decisions makers would pick a damn time & stick to it. Of course I could move to Arizona. Or I could get on with this week’s prompt which follows: Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is โ€œmat/met/mitt/mot/mutt.โ€ Choose one or use them all, any way youโ€™d like in your post. Have fun! If you’d like to join in, HERE are the rules & ping back.

Mat – nap time as a kindergartener, exercise mat for aerobics, so 80s but that we me for a while decade, mat frame for pictures, so many mats so little time. LOL

Met – I never met a food I didn’t like or I never met a stranger. But really my first thought bubble was the Met Gala that I will never get to see up close & personal. The pictures of everyone all decked out are enough I suppose. I also thought about throwing mets which is a very bad thing – metastatic cancer. Ugh! Why would my thoughts stream there except a dear friend, former coworker is battling liver cancer right now. Life sucks sometimes. So fucking unfair.

Mitt – Hmm. Oven mitt, I sure do love to bake. Or the little kittens who lost their mittens. Or catcher’s mitt. Yep baseball season is back. I love baseball. When Pony played, I used to keep stats. Good times I tell ya what.

Mot – what the heck is a mot? I’m full of mots. I’m sassy, classy, & smart assy. I read that somewhere before. LOL

Mutt – my doggies!! They are mutts, red heeler & lab mixes. They might even have some bull dog in them somewhere. Human’s best friends. They are the best medicine for just about everything with their unconditional love & innate goodness. The world could use some more of that.

Alright, the plane has to land sometime. Lulu Belle & I are going to the Botanical Gardens today! Spring has sprung. Wishing you all a fantastic Saturday.

As always, more to come.