Share Your World ~ 3/7/23

Di tees up the questions & I take a swing at answering. HERE are the rules & pingback. Come on in, the course is green.

  1.  Does your spouse/partner (or do you) help with the household chores? Yes we split the duties & wasn’t always that way but it definitely is now.
  2.  What is  your least favourite chore? Okay, I’m a weirdo, none. I love my chores, they give me a purpose in life.

3.  As a kid, did you have to do chores to earn your pocket money/allowance? Yes to chores but no for pocket money/allowance. My parents were not going to pay me for something I was supposed to do as part of being a productive member of society. I made my bed, kept my room clean, dried dishes, cleaned the bathroom, things like that. My mom did the lion’s share but we did our part for the pleasure of being allowed to live there rent free. LOL. For pocket money I turned in bottles for the deposit … a nickel at first, then a dime each. Or I saved birthday money.

4.  Did you save any of your pocket money or spend it all? There was never much but I spent it on penny candy.

Gratitude: Sometimes we take so much for granted.

At this stage in my life I know first hand from experience that we can take nothing for granted. Never ever. Just when you do, the universe laughs at you.