Thursday Thoughts ~ 3/2/23

Welcome to the all about me edition of Thursday Thoughts because it’s all about ME! Dammit. I’m a person, I matter.

You might wonder, where is this coming from Jilly? Well this rant has been much needed for a LOOOOONG time & it spawns from repressed, pent up, unexpressed emotions. And by emotions I mean some anger but mostly sorrow, deep to the bone it hurts sorrow. Fuck you motherfuckers! Fuck you! And not you the fine people of bloglandia who may be reading this post right now but instead my biological family, who are NOT my real family. Instead they are those who couldn’t be bothered.

I’ve hinted around at some stuff that is bothering me but stopped short due to overthinking, analysis paralysis. I also don’t want to be guilty of libel (or slander for that matter) though I speak my truth to B & the kids & several in person framily. I tell it like it is. I give them my GET REAL without filters.

Maybe I should call this post the world according to Jilly & disclaimer the hell out of it. In my opinion … my two cents worth 1/2 a penny. You go get your own opinion would ya. There are rules about this stuff that I should research before I go off.

Whew! I feel better. Just like Shirley MacLaine screaming “Give my daughter the medicine!!!!” Once her daughter gets the medicine, everyone can calm down.

As always, more to come.