Sunday Reflections” A Week in Review ~ 1/29/23

I know I over use this phrase but dang where has the time gone? January is almost in the books. I wish things would stand still for just a second before barreling on, day by day.

I learned something new this morning. We dropped off groceries at B’s parents, as they slept. It is just easier because we can put everything up instead of them insisting to leave it only to find things for the fridge out the next day. As we left, we heard the stickiness of the floor on our shoes. I start to tell B something about their housekeeper/nurse/jill of all trades, 65 year old Michelle, that surely she knows how the mop a floor. B tells me that he heard from Kenneth that particular cleaner is used to avoid falls. Who the hell knew? It’s supposed to be sort of tacky. And all this time LuLu & I thought she couldn’t rinse a mop. I kind of thinking it might be a tripping hazard to get stuck but what do I know.

Alrighty, enough of that. Time for roll call. I almost made the entire week with twofers but yesterday, I read my book & watched The price of Glee on TV. Mindless, nothing day. After baking a cherry cobbler that is.


The Usual Fodder

Peace y’all. Until next time. Stay safe.

As always, more to come.

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