#SLS ~ 1/29/23

The prompt is new wave. Woo to the hoo! Thanks Jim for hosting. HERE are the rules & ping back.

So many songs to choose from makes picking one to share very hard. I’ve previously shared a few here on my blog already. Psycho Killer by the Talking Heads or Rock Lobster by the B52s. Devo’s Whip It or Duran Duran Rio. See what I mean. How can I pick just one? Finally I opted to go with Blue Monday by New Order. Writer(s): Morris, Stephen Paul David; Sumner, Bernard; Hook, Peter; Gilbert, Gillian Lesley. HERE are some wiki details.

How does it feel
To treat me like you do
When you’ve laid your hands upon me
And told me who you are

I thought I was mistaken
I thought I heard your words
Tell me how do I feel
Tell me now how do I feel

Those who came before me
Lived through their vocations
From the past until completion
They will turn away no more

And I still find it so hard
To say what I need to say
But I’m quite sure that you’ll tell me
Just how I should feel today

I see a ship in the harbor
I can and shall obey
But if it wasn’t for your misfortunes
I’d be a heavenly person today

And I thought I was mistaken
And I thought I heard you speak
Tell me how do I feel
Tell me now how should I feel

Now I stand here waiting

I thought I told you to leave me
While I walked down to the beach
Tell me how does it feel
When your heart grows cold
(Grows cold, grows cold, grows cold)

Hope you liked my pick of the day. The lyrics are dark but the juxtaposition is this song has a haunting beat that you can dance to. Or pogo around until you fall down. Either way, enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

As always, more to come.

8 thoughts on “#SLS ~ 1/29/23

  1. Jill your “Woo to the hoo!” expresses your exuberant delight and approval and that is always appreciated here. This song might be about either drug addiction, child abuse or a failed relationship, but who knows as Bernard Sumner was tripping on acid when he wrote this. It does have a nice beat and great drumming, thanks for sharing this today.

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    1. Yes, we will never know what it’s about for sure but very dark. The most recent prompts are expanding musical horizons all over the place. I’m very happy to be here.

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