Friday Book Club: J-Dub’s Review of Fairy Tale by Stephen King

I enjoyed this book & was surprised by some of the negative reviews but I get we all have different tastes. This wasn’t typical King horror but rather fantasy. The first part of the book was really endearing to me. A tale of 17 year old Charlie Reade & his caretaking of the curmudgeon neighbor Mr. Bowditch. Add inthe family dynamics between Charlie & his dad who turns out to be a good guy who got his life back on track after losing his wife in a terrible accident. And of course Radar, the german shepherd. SHE was a fantastic part of the story. I would have done the same as Charlie, go to the limits for a pet I loved.

The second part of the story is in another world, entered through a shed out back. The trek to and from, with a hunger game element in between, kept me interested. Each chapter was a story of its’ own, in a way, linked together nicely. There were drawings too, I love that! Like a picture book, for adults, more words & a few graphics ❤ . And without any spoilers, we got our happy ending. YaY!

On my WordPress page, desktop view, scroll to bottom right where I link to Goodreads. I wrote more here than there this time. I have two books in the hopper for 2023 with a burgeoning TBR queue. I said no more paper for a bit, but then my holds came in from the San Antonio Public library, Schaefer branch. Next I’ll read the hardback book of Mad Honey: A Novel by Jodi Picoult & Jennifer Finney Boylan, then my Kindle time will commence. Specifically, When Evil Chooses You by Dan Antion and The Last Drive by John W Howell. So many books, so little time. I can’t wait!

As always, more to come.

#JusJoJan ~ 1/20/23

Linda says “Your prompt for JusJoJan January 20th 2023, is “phantom.” Use the word “phantom” any way you’d like. Have fun!” Tuba provided the word! Woo Hoo! Visit Tuba’s blog to read her posts and say hello.

Phantom, I feel like a phantom or a big ole ghost which is another word for a phantom if you’re wondering. Well Duh Jilly. I am a ghost child, now a grown woman but still missing. Untethered to this world. I probably should wait to write this post as raw as I am at the moment. I’m so tired y’all. Yep, I got nothing. Well except this, … be kind.

As always, more to come.