Thursday Thoughts ~ 1/19/23

I had two pretty good stories percolating in ye ole brain but I lost them. I need to write in the moment or my mind is like a sieve. Good for me that there are always more stories waiting in the wings. If I’m awake, I’m always thinking ’bout something. My life is a soundtrack, story laden, fest of nonsense. Anywho, moving on.

B is finishing up the money pit. A historical home in Olmos Park. Not his money pit mind you but the owners. They got in over their heads & relatives have bailed them out a few times. Not sure what was done to get the moola but they are fully funded again which means B & K are back at the restoration work. Today they got a compliment for the quality of their workmanship. Very niche stuff that not many people can do. He told the owners that coming up they learned from old guys on the job, some of the best like Francis. Then B & K looked at each other and said “damn we’re the old guys now!”

Awww cue music. Tis true. But they’ve earned it, every last bit that this sentiment conjures up. History might not continue much longer if fewer younger folks get into the trade. Ornamental plasterwork is already a dying art.

Okay, talk amongst yourselves.

As always, more to come.

#JusJoJan ~ 1/19/23

Linda says, “Your prompt for JusJoJan January 19th 2023, is “complaint.” Use the word “complaint” any way you’d like. Have fun!” John supplied the word of the day, woo hoo! Visit John’s blog to read his posts and say hello. HERE are the rules & ping back.



That brings back memories of 2020 when I took on a new role at work to oversee regulatory complaints. Now you see why I say Ugh 😦 What I found is when you work in complaints everything is a complaint. Sort of like when you have a hammer, everything you see is a nail. People are fickle & what gets people spun up varies widely. Why complain? Just deal my dudes, just deal. These days I rarely complain. Ok, those in the back, I can hear you laughing. Or better said, I’m getting better at listening. I listen, then do what I want or what makes me happy. Ha!

As always, more to come.