Share Your World ~ 1/17/23

Di gives us the questions & I share my two cents. To join us, HERE are the rules & ping back. And away we go …

This week’s questions:

  1. What is the most comfortable vehicle you have even ridden in or driven? That’s easy, a Hummer. There’s a story about that. For milestone work anniversaries, we got to go out for lunch & invite guests. In 2009, on my 25th, we were planning how to get to the restaurant & Cheryl, our Administrative Assistant tells my big boss Mark “why are we discussing this? You’re driving her!” Funny thing is no one wanted to ride with him. Ha-ha. He’s not intimidating but ya know, executives simply by title can un-nerve some people. My immediate supervisor, TB, my one brave friend Mel, and I rode in the Hummer with the big guy. LOL. The other attendees opted to meet us there. Okay after all that backstory, I rode up front, felt like we floated among the clouds. The seats in that vehicle were like butter, I tell ya what. Real leather I presume. Who knows? Maybe just faux leather but so soft which was odd for a vehicle that was originally not made for public use & I’m sure was much less comfy.
  2. What is the most uncomfortable vehicle you have even ridden in or driven? Hmm, that one is harder. Probably our 1983 Mazda truck that we kept for less than a year. Every other vehicle we owned was kept until they were more costly to repair than they were worth. The Mazda was standard transmission so when I drove it, we were being jerked all over the ranch roads. That’s the only place I was allowed to drive it. Fun times though. “Jill you’re grinding the gears, stop it!” Then we’d promptly stall. Because ya know, B told me to stop it. 😉
  3. Have you ever ridden a horse (or a donkey at the seaside)? Not at the seaside but we rode horses in trail rides & on an 8th grade field trip to Bandera.
  4. If you could have one of these as a pet, which would it be and why? Black panther, cheetah, leopard, lynx. Hmm, a lynx since I think it is the smallest of the bunch. Still a ‘big cat’ but not as big.

Never forget to tell the Special Someone in your life that you love them. Yep never. I say I love you to B & the kids everyday, sometimes more than once. The word love comes easy to me. Some may not think I’m genuine but I mean it to my core. My favorite meme floating around the internet lately. If someone can hate for no reason, I can love for no reason. Well my reason is because life is short. No time for hate. The Oz Man wasn’t so Crazy Train after all. Maybe it’s not too late to learn how to love & forget how to hate”

As always, more to come.

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