#JusJoJan & #1linerWeds. ~ 1/4/23

I’m late! No feature image, just the gallery above. My Ponyboy is sick with the Rona. When your baby is hurting, you hurt too no matter how old they get.

HERE are the rules & ping back. Linda’s one liner is inspirational … about courage. I LOVE it! But I’m going dark. Of course I am. I’m also writing way more than one line since this end of day has me decompressing with words. I loves me a good storytelling.

I found an old friend on FB over the weekend. For kicks and giggles, we’ll call him “Jerry”. When I was in 6th grade & he was in 8th, I had the biggest crush on him! He’d be zipping around the neighborhood on his dirt bike. Outrunning the police. Bad boy mesmerizing, And since he was a next door neighbor to my friend Lisa Ann, who I’ve written about before, for a brief time in our lives, we were inseparable. Oh to be young again with zero responsibilities except keeping your room clean & helping with a little housework. Back to my story …

I was surprised to see his name under “people you may know” & I almost sent him a friend request but alas, I’m trying to minimize my FB exposure not increase it. His feed is public so of course I read everything. Momma always said “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”. Releasing myself of a self imposed gag order, he is how I remembered him, bad boy, rebel, fighting battles no one else has any idea about but him. He was always a little bit scary, unpredictable. Our Catholic school education makes him very articulate. Those nuns taught us to read & write that’s for sure. Any grammar errors I make now are on purpose for creative license. Anywho, his one liner caught my attention …

“It’s a shame we have to check on Facebook if anyone we care for is alive or dead, that’s not life or living, it’s seclusion. Fucked Up!”

by Jilly’s 6th grade crush, in present day

Someone commented that when we were kids, we roamed in packs, always together but now we are geographically dispersed & isn’t FB better than nada. He never replied back. I think FB is better than nothing but I tell ya what, I prefer talking. Real old fashioned conversation. Something to think about any way. I may just surprise a few people with phone calls.

As always, more to come.

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