Share Your World ~ 1/3/23

Di has provided the first SYW questions for 2023. HERE are the rules and ping back. Now let’s see what I can come up with.

  1. Did you stay up to see the New Year in? Nope I fell asleep reading. However around midnight, we were woken from our slumber by a barrage of fireworks like we haven’t heard in the almost 23 years we’ve lived here. People had something to say that’s for sure.
  2. Are there any special occasions or events coming up in 2023 for you or your family? Not really. Lulu is engaged but hasn’t set a date. That will be our one special occasion for 2023 or maybe early 2024.
  3. Do you keep a diary? I journal infrequently these days but always have one going. Writing helps release the hounds. In a round about way, my blog is my diary.
  4. How did yesterday differ from January 1st 2022 or was there no difference? No difference. A day off work to do as I please. Not sure if all days are special or if no days are special because it’s all the same. Not in a sad way more like eat dessert first or use the good towels. Live a little while we still can. Don’t wait for the holidays. Kick up your heels now just because.

A smile is infectious. Spread it around. I like this Di! Just like sunshine, smiles to everyone.

As always more to come.

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