Share Your World ~ 12/6/22

Di gives us the questions & I toss out my two cents. To join in, HERE are the rules & ping back.

1.  Do you have a favourite outfit you like to wear? Not really. Ever since the pandemic, I couldn’t care less what I wear. I do enjoy fuzzy socks when it is cold outside. Versus a specific favorite outfit, I have a favorite style – stretchy comfort.

2. What is the worst thing you were forced to wear as a child (school uniforms aside) ? Weirdo that I am, I loved my school uniform. No fuss, no muss, nothing much to think about. The worst thing I was forced to wear, was hand-me-downs. They never really fit right. I really wanted something I was the first to wear. My g’ma would sew an Easter dress for me each year but otherwise, it was the school uniforms or clothes my cousins out grew.

3.  Do you have a sweet tooth, and if so, are you a chewer, cruncher, or sucker? Chewer – brownies, cakes, pies.

4.  Do you think you could eat your weight in chocolate? Not all at once but in my lifetime, you betcha. I probably already have. lol

Smiles are infectious, spread it around. I’ll add, laughter is the best medicine. Keep on smiling & laughing. Makes the world a brighter place.

As always, more to come.


11 thoughts on “Share Your World ~ 12/6/22

  1. Great answers Jily. Thanks for joining in. I know what you mean about hand me downs. I wore my sisters, and our great gran would come in the holidays and made us new dresses, so although I had new to wear, I wore them twice once Sis grew out of hers. Our dollies were the best dressed on the estate because she made frocks for them too.

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