Friday Free For All ~ 12/2/22

Ugh 😩. Yesterday’s second opinion or make that 99th opinion went horribly. I’ve skipped what led to this part not wanting to whine. No pain relief 😮‍💨 No closer to an answer. The stress is killing me before whatever this is will. Not a soul in the office besides staff & me yet I waited an hour! Only to be given a tut tut, you need to take medicine. And not just any medicine but a highly addictive opioid.

Doc tells me they know so my much now. That this dose is the smallest. It’s safer than OTC anti inflammatory because it won’t hurt my kidneys. In addition to the opioid, I’m prescribed muscle relaxers. For what? Can anyone tell me that? Nope they can’t. I’m so defeated 😔.

Icing on the cake, my car, which I just got out of the shop, smells like something is burning. That can’t be good. Back to the shop it goes. Ugh 😩

Peace Out. Until next time.

As always more to come.


11 thoughts on “Friday Free For All ~ 12/2/22

  1. I’m sorry my friend that you are not getting the answers you need. I used to take a ton of meds when I hadn’t had my surgeries ( 2 knee replacements and 1 foot) had severe gastritis many times. Now after my stomach surgery my doc had told me not to take anything for pain so I’m sort of detoxing. Do you believe in acupuncture or acupressure? That might help?

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  2. It would be your 98th second opinion.

    I take six naproxen sodium (3 in the AM, 3 in the PM) for pain. Do you think something like that might help? I know it’s bad for your liver and kidneys, but if it solves the pain without narcing yourself…

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    1. I was doing that too 1 naproxen 3 x’s per day at my primary care’s advice. It took the edge off the pain but the kidneys thing has this pain referral doctor telling me to cut back on naproxen. I might try the muscle relaxers first before the opioid

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      1. I think that’s a good idea. I see opioids as sort of a last step, for when you’re in serious pain and nothing else works. The chances of getting addicted are lessened in those situations.

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