Thursday Thoughts ~ 11/24/22

Scheduling this post now so I can be present on Thursday. We already had our traditional feast last Sunday. We took plates to the in-laws. As far as they’re concerned, everything is day by day. In-home care has been lackluster so far. Mostly no show to a point where they’ve decided to part ways with the service. That truly scares me.

In another life, we’d be on vacation. But someone has to watch the pups. Used to be PoPo would feed them while we were away but this year is the first year he physically can’t. We could put them in doggy daycare but we’ve never done that before & they’re 12 years old & used to things being a certain way.

Paraphrasing something I read … the more you practice being grateful, the more you find things to be grateful about. I’m counting blessings that’s for sure. Wishing everyone who stumbles across this post a very Happy Thanksgiving ♥️

As always more to come.