Thursday Thoughts ~ 11/10/22

Today’s rant is more of the funny math variety. How is charging different prices for the same service legal? Inquiring minds want to know. I’m going through my own healthcare debacle, trying for what feels like ions to be properly diagnosed. Thank goodness I have insurance to pay for my “care” because without that, I’d be in an even worse world of hurt financially. The money I paid out of pocket this year is high enough but these funny price points, get me really steamed. Example:

Total amount breakdown for 1 service

Amount billed


Plan discount


Your plan paid


Total amount you may owe


Check your provider bill to confirm the final amount you owe.View Current Plan Spending

The insured cost to see my pain management doctor is ($526.95 – $396.81 = $128.14). Because I met my deductible, the plan pays 90% of the balance which = $117.14 for them and $13.01 for me. Before meeting my deductible, I would have owed the full $128.14. That is still a bargain compared to the poor uninsured person who is charged $526.95 for the same exact service!

All I want to know is what pray tell is the actual cost? We’re talking service here, not a tangible product purchase. I feel like we are paying for air. Not to diss the years of medical training needed to make such an assessment. That has to cost something but c’mon, at least be fair.

And for all I know they could be. If I were to say “nope, no insurance”, would I get a cash price of $128.14? Not hoping to find out anytime soon but I’ve heard that cash price patients do sometimes get a discount too. I know I did with my orthodontist since I chose not to buy dental insurance. He knocked off a pretty good chunk of the total amount.

Anyway, no answers today just ranting. This is wrong on so many levels but I guess other wrongs need the attention too. This will have to wait to be righted another day.

As always, more to come.