Friday Thoughts ~ 11/4/22

Continued from Thursday …

Setting the scene:  Guadalupe Valley nursing home.  Lulu, PoPo & I walked down the long hallway through two sets of double doors, both locked for the safety of the patients.  We passed a room with a woman on the phone & her daughter clearly assisting her.  I knew they were mother daughter because the resemblance was uncanny.   The kind of uncanny that Pony & I share.  No doubt that they belonged to each other.  We didn’t gawk, we just rolled on by and went to see MoMo in the common room.

A little later, the woman came right up to us in her wheelchair as her daughter stopped at the nurses’ station to turn in the cell phone and charge cord.  This is also for the patients benefit.  MoMo refused to give her cell phone to the nurses’ station & now it is lost or stolen.  More on that later.    As the daughter came over, there were introductions all around.  The conversation went something like this …

MoMo: This is my friend from Wisconsin (she isn’t but MoMo has memory issues)

Friend: Nice to meet you this is my daughter; she’s a nurse.  I just talked to my other daughter; you miss the ones that aren’t here.

MoMo: Don’t I know it!

Daughter (pained expression on her face): As opposed to the ones who always are … It’s nice that they have each other to talk to at mealtime.

MoMo: I’m going home, they’re breaking me out of here, 10K a month to color & play bingo!

Friend: Take me to my room

Lord we need help!  PoPo can’t take it anymore & he really is looking into getting her released.  She kept saying she was lucky to have us because her friend from Wisconsin is never getting out except to heaven.  This idea to bring her home is one of the worst I’ve heard but B isn’t intervening.  Not his decision he says but I say he needs to control what he can and not be party to this mess.  He will be complicit if something happens.  Yep, I know.  I was the one all emotional before saying we should break her out but not anymore.  Sometimes what is good for you, the best even, might not be easy.  I predict more middle of the night EMS emergencies.  And at a minimum, they need in home care beyond the housekeeper who comes twice a week.  Housekeeper who gives sponge baths, have you ever heard of such a thing …

As always more to come.