Share Your World ~ 11/1/22

I’m a day late & a dollar short. My feature image is from a Halloween many moons ago when we had the school carnival/fall fundraiser the last Saturday of every October even if it fell on the day of. I’m holding the cake I made to donate for the cake walk/raffle & we were running late. Lil Pony insisted I take a picture with the cake in case someone else won it (he had plans to try & win it himself, the lil stinker). I humored him … sort of … B snapped the picture & we were off. Funny what one remembers. I can hear that sweet voice “C’mon on Mom, grrrrr make a monster face!”

Thanks Di for standing in. HERE are the rules & ping back. Now for my two cents worth 1/2 a penny due to inflation.

  1. If you were a ghost, who would you haunt, and why? Hmmm, so many ideas percolating in ye ole noggin but nothing I can write/say in the light of day. If only to be a fly on that wall. And not as a ghost just an invisible stalker finding out stuff that probably isn’t my bidness to begin with. Yes I misspelled business. I write like I talk sometimes. All Tejas twang with a side of applesauce (inside joke, you get 100 virtual dollars if you figure out what I’m talking about).
  2. If broomsticks were legitimate modes of transport, would you like one? Hells yeah! Vroom Vroom!!
  3. Would you cook in a cauldron? Wonton soup – my favorite food of all the foods. I can make a meal of it.
  4. Have you ever had your fortune told? Yes! As a teenager, we all went to Willie. She would pour coffee grounds on her sticky card table and “read” the signs. All in good fun, she’d give us very generic responses (you will have a test at school next week) ooooohhhhh. Stuff that could fit almost anyone. $5 a fortune, I maybe went once or twice. Then randomly when I was driving LuLu and my niece to a birthday party from San Antonio to Waco, we pulled over after seeing a billboard for Psychic readings. We had left way earlier than we needed to finding ourselves with time to kill. The “psychic” was still in her pajamas despite being 2 hours after opening. She looked like any middle aged lady. Of course I knew it was a con but the girls wanted their fortunes told so we did it. $10 each this time. Cash only! All for nothing. LuLu was traumatized. She’d talk about it for weeks how she had to figure out a way to own her own business one day because that psychic said so … Doh! I was slow to read the signs. My sweet baby girl.

Gratitude – Who would you like to say thank you to? Adam from my alt twitter account who reminded me this week that we can do hard things. Dammit we sure can! I always forget that part. He wrote “Sometimes we don’t receive what we desire in that moment but if we wait, we may get something better.” Cheers to something better! Thank you Adam for the awesome perspective.

As always more to come.