Fog ~ 10/7/22

Today’s prompt is fog. #tshalloweenchallenge to locate me. LINK to daily post.

Fog stands for Fear.Obligation.Guilt – if that’s not the scariest effing thing you’ve ever heard, I don’t know what is. Not the scariest you say. Well how about in the top 3? Worse than being in the fog is stepping out of the haze & denial into the bright light of day. Actually, that’s the healing. Like any injury, there’s some discomfort after first until you’re back good as new. And sadly we’re never good as new. There’s no going back to recapture what was lost. However if you’re lucky, you have a cohort who understands & can help you accept that which you can’t change or control. Me? I’m a fortunate son. Or daughter as the case may be but since I wanted to drop a tune I used son because ya know that’s my neurosis …

Coming out of the fog

As always, more to come …


5 thoughts on “Fog ~ 10/7/22

  1. I used to have a job that couldn’t be done in the fog. Waking up in the morning and not g
    Being able to see past the front fence was therefore a marvellous feeling. I grew to view fog as something warm and comforting. I still feel that way somehow.

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