Zombie ~ 10/6/22

Today’s prompt is Zombie. #tshalloweenchallenge to locate me. LINK to daily post.

Pony & all his friends used to make movies wanting to be the next George Romero or John Carpenter. They especially liked trying their hands at special effects. The living dead & gore was the genre of choice but at least I knew where they were & what they were up to. Poor Lulu would be told to go look in the refrigerator where something gross was always marinating. She’s a tough cookie though who always knew it was fake. All these boys are now grown men & none of them entered became filmmakers for a living which is sort of sad. Doing what you love doesn’t always pay the bills when work is hard to come by. They really did some cool zombie stuff though back in the day.

Now I will link back to my 2022 A-Z Challenge ~ Zombie. Then I’m going to go relax. I’m toast.

As always, more to come.


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