Skeleton ~ 10/3/22

Time for Tourmaline .’s 2022 Halloween Challenge ping back to daily post #tshalloweenchallenge to locate me. Today’s prompt is skeleton.

My skeleton, specifically, L3-L5 & S1 are not working properly. I don’t wanna talk about my pain & health issues anymore. Namely that even fixing this part might not fix everything. I have other associated symptoms not being addressed. And I can’t find a doc to give me an epidural steroid injection ESI simply due to lack of availability. Instead of more whining woe is me, I’m switching gears to a scene from one of my favorite movies ever … The Skeleton Twins. Hope you enjoy!!

As always, more to come.


6 thoughts on “Skeleton ~ 10/3/22

  1. I’m so sorry that you’re having trouble finding the appropriate doctor to give you the injection. Hope this gets resolved quickly.


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