Share Your World ~ 9/13/22

Di is standing in while Melanie continues to recuperate. Wishing her all the best. Here are my two cents worth 1/2 penny. If you’d like to join in, HERE are the rules & ping back.

1. If you were to go to a desert island and could only take five things with you, what would they be? This is where I wish I was more like MacGyver. Able to make something out of very little. Fresh drinking water, something for shelter, something for securing food, something to cook with, and something to record the experience.

2. What popular song (any era) best describes you? No way I could pick a single song even if I tried. I’m a renaissance woman. lol

3. If you could only use three basic ingredients to make a meal, what would they be? A protein, vegetable, & spice.

4. Do you allow your pet on the furniture? yes


It’s the start of a new week. What are you most looking forward to? The weekend! Haha. C’mon Friday at 5 o’clock somewhere πŸ™‚


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