Share Your World ~ 7/26/22

Melanie provides the questions & I toos in my two cents, worth 1/2 a penny due to inflation.


What mythical creature would improve the world most if it existed? A fairy who could make pain disappear. Not just physical pain but mental anguish too.

Should the death penalty be re-instated?  Why or why not? In Texas, we have the death penalty & the distinction of being #1 executing on average 12 people a year. I’m not quite sure how I feel about that. Makes me sad, I guess. Very, very sad that there isn’t another alternative.

Spontaneity Or Stability? Depends on the situation, mostly I crave stability & fortunately I hit the jackpot with that but every once in a while to be spontaneous is exciting. My goal one day, if I ever get my head on straight again, would be to get on an airplane to anywhere with only my purse. I could buy what I need when I get there or better yet go somewhere that doesn’t require me to need very much. If only, …

Can a dog/cat suffer? What about an ant? What about a plant? What about a bacteria cell?  Why do some humans think we’re the only species that does suffer?  Your thoughts? Yes a dog or cat can suffer. As for ants, plants, or bacteria cells, I have no idea. Humans are one of the most egotistical of the species which is why some of us (not all) think we’re the only ones who suffer.


What are two things that have brightened your day today? First, I accidentally slept past the alarm. I quit snoozing after reading an article that said I’d feel better if I just got up with the alarm. Going on two years now, I just get the “eff” up. Today after a bad yesterday & for reasons that will be kept under wraps, I said ‘eff’ it, I’m going to snooze today. Only I hit stop on my alarm instead of snooze. Oh well, I got an extra hour!! I must’ve needed it. Second, I learned a trick for a new tool at work where you right click to open a tab in a new window then you can toggle back and forth. This tip will make for smooth sailing on an upcoming assignment.