#SLS ~ 7/17/22

Jim is back with the prompt of songs that topped the charts. I picked the top Billboard’s Hot 100 song of 2020 Blinding Lights by The Weeknd. Songwriters: Max Martin / Oscar Thomas Holter / Ahmad Balshe / Abel Tesfaye / Jason Matthew Quenneville.

HERE are the Wiki facts. In 2021, the Twist by Chubby Checker was dethroned as the all-time #1 Billboard single by Blinding Lights. I dare you to get up and dance. Or at least do an in chair shimmy. I’ve added a second video which shows the dance craze that swept the nation. So Much Fun!!!! Lyrics are captioned. Ooh I’m blinded by the light ….

11 thoughts on “#SLS ~ 7/17/22

  1. I like this a lot. Sounds familiar like I’ve heard it before but then again maybe not. What a cool little dance! So fun to watch, and each group seemed to have a special little flourish to make it their own. 🙂

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