Sunday Reflections: A Week in Review ~ 7/17/22

Such a whirlwind this week. Particularly last Thursday and Friday at work. I keeping reminding myself, I’m NOT at work. I need to give it a rest already and enjoy the moment. Be HERE now. Oh but how I prefer to be all over the place. Willy-nilly, Jilly!!

Yesterday, I witnessed someone go postal at the post office. Sad to see as this guy came unglued over a delayed package. I understand his frustration. He had a receipt showing it’d be ready the day before. The postmaster who I call Mr. No Mask/Anti-Vax (yes we are on a first name basis & he knows me) was all calm, cool, and collected. This totally shocked me but he must’ve had training for this potential. He never raised his voice back, tried to keep the peace. Said he really DID care but nothing he could do except wait the approximate 30 minutes for the mail which contained the package to arrive from the La Vernia post office just up the road. No he could not answer why the mail went there first but that was the path the mail took every day. The unsatisfied customer said some words my virgin ears should never hear, then he went out to his car, revved the engine, louder & louder until I thought holy hell, he’s not backing out, he’s going to drive through the building. I paid for Lulu’s return postage & skedaddled the heck outta there. She’s vacationing with her boyfriend & his family or else she would have been there instead of me. Of course if she had been there, this would never have happened.

Ah ha! See, I did have a point. Finally!!! Which is one small change can make all the difference. I’m going to be happy with what is instead of what could have been. And what is includes welcoming new things. Being brave to admit what I want. And letting the chips fall where they may. I’ve already enjoyed some very positive experiences. Cheers to more just like that.

Okay, quick roll call since I rambled my intro into 350 plus words.

Peace y’all. Until next time. Stay safe.

As always, more to come.

#SLS ~ 7/17/22

Jim is back with the prompt of songs that topped the charts. I picked the top Billboard’s Hot 100 song of 2020 Blinding Lights by The Weeknd. Songwriters: Max Martin / Oscar Thomas Holter / Ahmad Balshe / Abel Tesfaye / Jason Matthew Quenneville.

HERE are the Wiki facts. In 2021, the Twist by Chubby Checker was dethroned as the all-time #1 Billboard single by Blinding Lights. I dare you to get up and dance. Or at least do an in chair shimmy. I’ve added a second video which shows the dance craze that swept the nation. So Much Fun!!!! Lyrics are captioned. Ooh I’m blinded by the light ….