#SoCS ~ 7/16/22

Holy Shamoly is right! This week, work fire 🔥 drills, kicked my ever lovin’ John Q hind parts said in my Denzel Washington voice over voice. Remember the Titans was one of my most favorite movies. I might have to find it on stream & veg the heck out. And since I’m not at work now, I’m leaving the mess behind until Monday when I get back on the hamster wheel. Or is it groundhog wheel. Or, I think I mean, back to groundhog day. Dayum, what day is it anyway?!?!? Oh yeah #SoCS in da house. To join the fun and frolic, HERE are the rules & ping back.

Our illustrious host, the one and only Linda G Hill says, Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “bagged.” Use it any way you’d like. Enjoy! Hmm! Bagged. Think, think, and think 🤔. Gracious, this is supposed to be family friendly post but everywhere my mind goes is not as they say for polite company. How about a form of bagged? Yeah, that might work. Finally! Thank you jesus this week is in the bag. Over, finished, done, kaput.

I’m tossing a song 🎶 in the bag because this post is very short & I need some music. I searched for songs with bag in the title, quickly, not to prepare as this is still stream but nope, had to turn around and exit or else more non family friendly content. Instead, I’ll share a scene from the aforementioned movie 🎥 , hope you enjoy!

As always, more to come.