Friday Feelings ~ 7/15/22

A firestorm of Friday feelings ready for a word vomit 🤢 in no particular order. Bittersweet first. Today is Grandma Tutu’s heavenly birthday 🥳 She was the glue that held the family together. We miss her deeply.

Next B’s mom was moved from the hospital to rehab for post stroke physical therapy. You’d think 🤔 that’s an upgrade but it’s not. Last time, she had PoPo help her leave rehab AMA = against medical advice. The difference this time is she’s not mentally competent enough to resist. He’s so worried though 😟 and keeps saying they need to bring her home 🏡. That would be a disaster.

Last for today, my coworker learned he has liver cancer. Liver was the Wordle answer yesterday. So weird. Means nothing but I’m superstitious so I mention it. Anyway this guy is already showing signs of greatness. The kind of person who despite his illness is more concerned about helping others. Reminds me of my brother in law, who upon learning he had incurable pancreatic cancer, asked people to pay it forward in his name.

My coworker’s PSA was about being your own health care advocate in search of answers. He was searching for months and now it’s too late. Incurable. Had they figured some things out earlier, prognosis would be better. My Mamaw died of liver cancer. Diagnosed in July 1987, dead by October 1987. Hoping treatment has improved to make his time left comfortable ❤️‍🩹 And of course I worry. I’m still looking for answers to cure for what ails me. Not that I think I have liver cancer just that I don’t want to be in that same position of finally finding something when it’s too late.

Sad way to end this work week. I’ll be looking for ways to do good. To do what I can, to make things better.

As always more to come.