#1linerWeds. 7/13/22

OK folks. I always have to give a backstory. As many of you know I’m going back into the office a few days a week. The absolute only thing good about this is I am listening to more music 🎶. I have quite a long commute and the tunes have always made it better. The origin of this one liner however was a commercial in between the songs.

Motel 6 will save you money. Unlike a teenager who eats a week’s worth of groceries for lunch.

Tom Bodett, we’ll leave the light on

Ha! I was such a picky eater. My brothers on the other hand ate anything and everything. We would take turns walking to the corner store every other day to get a gallon of milk. We could never buy a weeks worth at once because they went through it so fast and there wasn’t room in the refrigerator.

When I heard the commercial, I was reminded of them and decided it definitely had to be my one liner. So there you have it.

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As always more to come.