Share Your World ~ 7/12/22

Melanie serves up the questions and I bat back my answers.


How did you spend the money from your very first job? On fun times as a wild child. I paid my parents 15% of my weekly net for room & board (varied depending on how many hours I worked, like a sliding scale). Everything else was for ME!!!!! What a sweet deal. Too bad I didn’t realize it at the time.

Would You Rather Look Like A Potato, Or Feel Like A Potato?  (Note.  I have no idea why they used the word “potato”, but just went with it.  Answer any way you like, this question is purely for fun). Hmm, let’s see. I guess I’d rather feel like a potato. In particular, a couch potato. I need a day like that again, to veg out completely.

What were the best pair of shoes you have owned? Nickels soft leather heels, dark red. I wore those shoes until they fell apart. These days, I can’t wear heels due to issues with my feet.

Besides war and diplomacy, what would be the best way for countries to settle disputes? I wish I knew.


In these often depressing times, how do you find the bright spots? I actively look for bright spots. And I laugh to keep from crying. Making good natured jokes in serious circumstances helps lighten the mood. Of course having friends to talk me off the curb helps too.