Random Nonsense ~ 7/11/22

I’ve been out galavanting around or lollygagging as the case may be. Wait! Those are opposites. My Southern schoolin’ escapes me. I was always good for a colloquialism or two or 50! LOL.

I’m in hog heaven. How about that? The wild hog was back today. The last time I saw him was when I went to the dentist. Was that March or April??? Scared the tarnation out of me like last time. But I scream & he runs so we’re good with that arrangement.

The hog sighting must mean we’re getting rain. Am I superstitious or just kidding. But we’re due, rain is in the forecast & our senesa is blooming. The purple flowers usually indicate a storm is brewing per the old wives. Their tales are sometimes johnny on the spot.

In case you couldn’t tell, I’m killing time with this short lil entry. I have to take a Covid test because tomorrow I go back into the office. Only 1/2 a day but the rules are the rules. And I have been out & about more than usual.

Lulu & I saw Jesus Christ Superstar 50th anniversary tour at the Majestic on Saturday. I kept my damn hot ass mask on the whole time & by show, masks are required but the venue did not enforce despite a big old sign MASKS REQUIRED. For the love of god and all that is holy, how ironic if I picked up the vid from seeing Jesus Christ Superstar. Ha! I know it’s too soon, I have not incubated long enough. No symptoms either but I could be a lucky one.

And drum roll puhleese ………..


As always, more to come.