Thursday Thoughts 💭 ~ 7/7/22

Howdy folks. I’m carrying over from yesterday’s one liner. I’m a delight and you’d be lucky 🍀 to know me. If you’ve been following the blog for a while, you’ll know that I don’t really believe that. Or maybe you’ll think I’m being modest and that I really do think very highly of myself.

Growing up, sometimes my shyness could manifest as conceit. I remember vividly when Cobby Riley yelled to me “you are so stuck up!” I had the absolute biggest crush on him. And the only reason I was avoiding him was because I was too scared 😳. The opposite of thinking I was too good.

Insecurities abound. But as I age, I’ve become more confident in a quiet 🤫 unassuming way. At least outwardly & in certain respects. Like my job. I’ve become quite capable. The go-to answer lady.

Inside though I’m still that little lost puppy who wants everyone to like her even as she struggles. Even as she believes the opposite. I’m not a delight. I’m exhausting and thank your lucky stars ✨ that I’m not in your life.

Okay, the pity train 🚂 has left the station. The next stop 🛑 is get over it already. You’re not a lost cause. You’re a work in progress.

As always more to come.

11 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts 💭 ~ 7/7/22

  1. Buddy …. we are all just like you. We spend our whole lives covering up that person that we really are, for fear of being recognised. The trick is to never fall for the act ourselves.

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